Woman driving at night hits a man-like animal near Mayetta

Woman on reservation was coming home from work at 1:30 AM, on a two-lane dirt road on the reservation heading to her home. She saw movement on the right and slightly ahead of her, and she swerved to the left lane to avoid a collision. The creature ran in front her car, and she hit it with the left front bumper. It cracked the bumper. Creature ran from right to left. It cleared the road in 2 steps. She estimated her speed at 35-40 MPH. The creature was appx. 7.5 to 8 ft. tall. Her story: It was about 2 months ago, I was coming home from taking my sister home after we got out of work, roughly 1:30 am. I was on the phone with my sister as we live just 5 miles apart, (in my mind) so I didn't have to drive alone. About 3/4 of the way home something came off the side of the road so fast I had no time to brake. I told my sister that I thought I had hit a person, she asked if it was a deer? I said no it was upright and well over 6 ft tall. she said go back and look... so I turned around and went back and there was nothing there.. a few days later we went to the local cafe for breakfast and I was talking with a native lady and I had asked her what kind of creature was on the reservation, she turned pale white and asked "who told you?" At that point I was covered in goose bumps and asked who told you? she said did you see it? I said yes and not only that I had hit it.. she was about in tears as she told me stories of elders being chased and another being chased after shooting at it in a tree, then she told me of her brother-in-law seeing it and was so scared he will not return to the reservation. I have asked around since then to other members and its always the same thing, the native people are afraid of it, they say it comes to you when it wants to tell you something and only the chosen ones will see it. I am not sure what I seen that night but it was very large, my husband is over 6 ft and 350lbs, and it was definitely larger than him, but the classic stories of being super hairy does not match what I seen. The creature I seen was tall and hairy but not long hair as I had always assumed it was, color was more brown than black, I never seen its face so I am not sure of facial looks, but large head, very long arms,and very fast.. I hit it with my car and it broke my bumper but didn't seem to slow it at all. I am not wanting fame or any TV time. I really don't want my name mentioned, we do live in a small community. But I would love for you guys to investigate the reservation. via (Link: bfro.net)

Posted Monday, September 09, 2019