The Woman And The Bigfoot Of Secret Beach Oregon

The Woman And The Bigfoot Of Secret Beach, Oregon I am a wild one, at least I was back then when I lived a little 'off-g...

Posted 9/15/2018 6:31:22 PM

LIVE MIB'S RAID FLORIDA TREE FARM Episode #51 Dogman Sasquatch Oklahoma Encounters

This episode was a rare moment in which our videographer, Mike, was called back in from a C.B.I.O. meeting and began filming a "LIVE" call out of Flor...

Posted 9/15/2018 6:30:53 PM

Pennsylvania Bigfoot Project: River Rd Recon

River Road Recon with 2X Mary Fabian We went out & reconned an area with multiple reports. Possible prints found. We?ll hit it at night & do an inv...

Posted 9/15/2018 6:29:43 PM

Yowie Sighting (Audio Report #115), near Dorrigo, New South Wales

If you or anyone you know have seen a Yowie in the Dorrigo area, please make contact with us via our Website or PM us on our Face...

Posted 9/14/2018 8:56:08 PM

Shadowed And Harassed By Bigfoot Near Patrick Creek In Northern California

Shadowed And Harassed By Bigfoot Near Patrick Creek In Northern California Here are some true accounts and some Bigf...

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Using Deborah Hatswell's data to look at UK Bigfoot hotspots. Includes UK comparison with US Bigfoot sighting density. #bigfoot #ukbigfoot #bigfoot...

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My True Bigfoot Storytime / weird and scary


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Mattsquatch Link: Yowee Down Under ...

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??SP Team Delta Talks Sasquatch From Cali To Texas??

??THANKS FOR WATCHING! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, LIKE & SHARE!?? Be sure to subscribe and hit the bell for SecurePacket and join the Teams for their shows!...

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NVTV's version of The Beast of Seven Chutes. A closer look.

NVTV's version of The Beast of Seven Chutes A closer look. A close look at video footage uploaded by NVTV claiming to show the beast of seven chute...

Posted 9/13/2018 6:15:09 PM

Twelve Inches From Bigfoots Face LaBarge Creek Meadows

We travel to a location where witness reports Bigfoot stared him in the face from 12 inches away as he looked up from a drink out of clear creek....

Posted 9/13/2018 6:08:02 PM

Possible strange track from New Zealand.

Let?s take a strange track from New Zealand and the legend of the Maero. Donate:

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Got a sighting to report?

Roscommon County Michigan (Class A) BFRO

Family driving a rural two-track have a late day encounter north of Higgins Lake

We live in Michigan near a national forest. One evening my 2 18 year old daughters and I took my pick up down a two track looking for rocks for our fire pit we were building. It was light out with a l...

April 2017

St. Louis County Minnesota (Class A) BFRO

Daytime road crossing on MN-73 near the town of Cook

i was driving north on Hwy 73 past west Olson road. There is a recent clear cut on the north side of the road. I seen a large brown animal sitting on the north side of the road in the grassy area of t...

April 2018

Manatee County Florida (Class A) BFRO

Nighttime road crossing outside Parrish

Monday July 10 2017 5:15AM. While driving home from an all night fishing trip at Tampa Bay, we were about 2 miles outside of Parrish FL. There was a car ahead of us & we were about 10 car lengths behi...

July 2017

Shasta County California (Class B) BFRO

Boater spots something odd during the day on Lake Shasta

This happened back around 2014 although I didn't realize it until I read something about it. I was on Shasta Lake riding my Sea Doo one last time before I sold it. I had headed up the Pit river some...

July 2014

Rio Blanco County Colorado (Class B) BFRO

Possible knocks heard near the Flat Tops Wilderness area of White River National Forest

My father and I were elk hunting in October 2005 in the White River National Forest near the Flat Tops Wilderness. This area is in Rio Blanco county outside of Buford, CO. My father has hunted there m...

October 2005

Sevier County Tennessee (Class B) BFRO

Possible vocalizations heard near Pigeon Forge

My husband and i were staying in a mountain cabin in the Pigeon Forge area of Tennessee this past week, and heard what we believe was the "call" of a sasquatch. it was around 8:30-9:00 pm (EDT) on Tue...

April 2006

Butte County California (Class A) BFRO

Forestry Worker Observes a Sasquatch in Clear-Cut Near Feather River

The whole story begins several years ago, 1993 to be exact. At the time I worked for the US Forest Service, Plumas National Forest. At that time it was called the La Porte Ranger Dist. Long before thi...

September 1993

Custer County South Dakota (Class B) BFRO

Camp counselor describes unusual incidents near Custer

While reading sightings on your website, I noticed that there was one for Custer, SD. I and my boyfriend had experienced some strange things happen while were working at a Native American Youth camp o...

August 2003

Wilson County Tennessee (Class A) BFRO

Two witnesses recount a close daytime encounter with a very curious creature near Lebanon

Yesterday,I ,my dad,my son,and his Friend, went up to our farm in Wilson County to do some bush hogging and prepare our deer stands for the up coming season..The kids asked if they could walk the logg...

July 2010

Clay County Florida (Class A) BFRO

Teens have very Close Encounter with Creature

It was a warm day in June of 2005 it was around noon and me and three of my friends decided to go fishing we had cooked left over pork chops as bait since where we were fishing on private property and...

June 2005

Siskiyou County California (Class A) BFRO

Hunter/Logger has a sighting in a closed logging area near Hilt

: This sighting occurred quite some time ago, and I haven't told a lot of people. I was a logger for 15 years, in and around northern California, and I was a timber faller, probably 5 years out of tha...

October 1979

Washington County Indiana (Class A) BFRO

Campers have campsite visitor on two separate occasions near Campbellsburg

I have had two possible "Bigfoot related" incidents. I've wanted to discuss the older incident for quite some time but have hesitated to do so. The second incident occurred March 16, 2009 and unnerved...

August 1997