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Posted 5/11/2020 1:51:23 AM

Bigfoot: Today's Blind & Arched Tree Finds ...

Bigfoot Structures/Arrangements...

Posted 5/11/2020 1:42:16 AM

UFO In The Shape of a Cross Hovering Over the Dominican Republic on May 9, 2020

Thanks to: Noelvis gc • Music by CO.AG • If you would like y...

Posted 5/11/2020 1:40:20 AM

Pro Kill, No Kill, Holiday Inn

Source: I delve into the debate of Pro Kill, No Kill and talk about the moral and legal ramifications of k...

Posted 5/11/2020 1:38:35 AM

I'm Being Followed Yowie Bigfoot Search

Hi Guys, Yowie Chase Halfway down from The Head Look Out, took a side track, heard something loud roaring. 0ne was a cow the 2nd not sure, but while i...

Posted 5/11/2020 1:37:00 AM

Dogman Among Us Series: Kentucky Dogman Encounters: All My Dogman Sightings in Kentucky

The Supernaturalist Channel Presents Dogman Among Us Series: Kentucky Dogman Encounters: All My Dogman Sightings in Kentucky Don't Forget to pick up y...

Posted 5/11/2020 1:16:04 AM

The A.M. Show: Dee's Final Word On The Patty Film

Dee gives his final thoughts on the "Patty Film Massacre/Anti-Massacre" controversy, the failed MK Davis debate....

Posted 5/11/2020 1:12:09 AM

Bigfoot Podcast #1

Hello Everyone and welcome to the first ever episode of the Squatcher's Corner Podcast. Today we introduce ourselves and begin to brush the surface of...

Posted 5/9/2020 10:42:10 AM

Dogman Encounters - Episode #026 - What Lurks Beneath

This episode has got some spooky encounters going on! ►►►WATCH OTHER DOGMAN/WEREWOLF VIDEOS: ►10 TERRIFYING DOGMAN FT ZAKBABYTV https://www.yo...

Posted 5/9/2020 10:37:37 AM

Giving Gifts to Bigfoot and Interacting With Him!

He Interacts with Bigfoot and Gives Him Gifts In this episode Part 2 Interview with David Parker, we talk of the concerns in gifting Bigfoot and of ho...

Posted 5/9/2020 10:37:27 AM

Arkansas Bigfoot: Faces in the Dark

Out night time walk during May's full moon 2020. A little peeking, winking and vanishing act at the end....

Posted 5/9/2020 10:36:44 AM

Palm Gorge Yowie Bigfoot Hairyman Search

Hi Guys, Yowie Chaser. Todays Yowie Bigfoot Hairyman Search Is In The Palm Gorge, Mt Greville. Part (5 of 5) Please Guys if you or someone you know ha...

Posted 3/28/2020 9:58:06 AM


George is a career IT Professional & amateur Bigfoot/Sasquatch/Mt Lion researcher & investigator from Western Pennsylvania. Utilizing an existing skil...

Posted 3/28/2020 9:53:21 AM

wanna see a sasquatch.....not click bait

on this channel where dedicated in finding sasquatch..and we will.

Posted 3/28/2020 9:46:40 AM



Posted 3/27/2020 11:24:04 PM

Ghost Walk 2019 - Timothy Renner at Albatwitch (Remastered)

This is the second version of Tim's Ghost Walk from last year's Albatwitch Festival in Columbia, PA. Tim's talk covers the various cryptid's sighted i...

Posted 3/27/2020 11:19:20 PM

Bigfoot(s) in the area!

Bigfoot activity caught on overnight audio recorder. Tree and wood knocks, footsteps. Audio recorder time approx: 7hr 22mins Footsteps walk thru recor...

Posted 3/27/2020 11:17:13 PM

The Search for YOWIE CAVE || Australian BIGFOOT || What lies within?

On this adventure I set out to return to a previously visited location of high interest - a cave I found but was unable to explore. The cave sits in a...

Posted 3/27/2020 11:11:56 PM

BC S1 E6 Brown Springs

Robert Dominguez, Chris Colleps, and Ash Tucker discuss Bigfoot, Paranormal and Wrestling. We discuss Brown Springs OK incident off the Red River and ...

Posted 3/27/2020 10:30:42 AM

BC S1 E8 Oooh Ooh That Smell!

Robert Dominguez, Chris Colleps, and Ash Tucker discuss Bigfoot, Paranormal and Wrestling. Why do Bigfoot's smell so bad, and we discuss Paranormal re...

Posted 3/27/2020 10:29:03 AM

Got a sighting to report?

Shoshone County Idaho (Class B) BFRO

Family hears "Ohio Howls" in the historic Marble Creek drainage, 47 mi SE of Coeur d?Alene

We were camped along Marble Creek at Donkey Creek near Avery, ID. July 2019. It was a weekday, so no other campers were within miles. Deep mountain valleys and dense woods. I was chopping food for din...

July 2019

Martin County Indiana (Class A) BFRO

Man has nighttime sighting of creature walking across his property

The past several months we have had some very strange activity going on around our house. We live out in the country and we've ignored alot of it. But here lately we can't ignore the activity going on...

March 2018

Price County Wisconsin (Class B) BFRO

Rock throwing and stalking near Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest

BACKGROUND I live in Wausau, Wisconsin and have been interested in Sasquatch my entire life. I have been a hunter for 44 years and know sounds, footprints and behavior of just about every creature in...

June 2019

McCurtain County Oklahoma (Class A) BFRO

Daylight sighting between Broken Bow and Little River

I was with a friend of mine behind his grandmas house. We had seen some dead fish near a pond broke in half so we went back later that day to look to see what might have caused it. We went about 1...

August 2010

Kitsap County Washington (Class A) BFRO

Mutliple daylight sightings in Suquamish

I used to live in Suquamish, WA. during 1994-2002. My house was located at the top of center street in the middle of the suquamish tree farm. My family and I during those years of residency had seen a...

January 1995

Flagler County Florida (Class A) BFRO

Ongoing activity and sightings on a hunting lease in central Florida (witness sketch included)

I have been hunting a large tract of private land for a little over 3 years now. It is comprised of planted pine hardwood, and cypress swamps. It is bordered on all sides by other large tracts of priv...

September 2015

El Paso County Colorado (Class A) BFRO

Daytime sighting by Pike's Peak tourist

My family was on vacation in Colorado Springs, Co, last summer. We were driving up Pike's Peak on the main road, and turned off onto the first rest area parking lot. The region was composed of large ...

June 2001

Macon County Illinois (Class A) BFRO

Homeowner recalls night time sighting in NW Decatur

I know this is a years-old report, but.. I've only told 3 people about this, EVER. If I hadn't just read that another sighting occurred near the same area previously, I still wouldn't say anything....

January 1980

Cowlitz County Washington (Class A) BFRO

Motorists on highway to Mt. St. Helens see a Sasquatch standing in Toutle River

Hello .The year was 2006, July. The time was eight thirty PM. We were driving back from Mt. St. Helens, Washington. It was a sunny day so we went to see the mountain that day. We were driving down the...

July 2006

Benzie County Michigan (Class A) BFRO

Sisters have nighttime sighting near Buckley.

In August of 1998, my younger sister and I were on our way back from the hospital, she was about 20 yrs. old, I was 23. It was probably around two or three A.M. when we finally hit County Line Rd. out...

August 1998

Ritchie County West Virginia (Class A) BFRO

Daylight sighting near rural church on Rt. 31, east of Parkersburg, near Cairo

There is a church where I attend services. We were practicing our Christmas play on the evening of November 12th 2001. It was about 8:45 p.m. when we finished practicing, when myself (age 17) and 3 ot...

November 2001

Coffee County Tennessee (Class A) BFRO

Activity including a dawn sighting at a home outside Tullahoma

I was pulling out of my driveway getting ready to leave for work as I looked to the left I noticed movement on the embankment by the road. I sat watched for a little while and a very very large dark c...

April 2013