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The Little Bigfoot That Is Most Likely Real

Deep in the jungles of Sumatra, locals have no question about the existence of the Orang Pendek- or "little man of the woods." Centuries of eyewitness...

Posted 11/29/2019 10:00:47 PM


?? GoFundMe for Decompression Surgery: ?? JoboSkull: YouTube channel: Tw...

Posted 11/28/2019 8:38:15 AM

Sasquatch Shenanigans Pt.6 B&G Bigfoot Campout September 2019

Hello everybody! In this video, we show you what the Sasquatch have been up to, around camp and check out the tree break that was heard on camera, dur...

Posted 11/28/2019 8:36:44 AM

Colorado Bigfoot X Bronzini Bigfoot

11/27/2019 HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! Hey everyone! I cant hold onto this much longer because my camera skills weren't up to par with what they are n...

Posted 11/28/2019 8:35:25 AM


?? GoFundMe for Decompression Surgery: ?? JoboSkull: YouTube channel: Tw...

Posted 11/27/2019 9:23:18 AM



Posted 11/26/2019 10:21:51 PM

FBI Finally Confirm Existence Of Bigfoot In Declassified Files?

New evidence from declassified secret FBI files, proves that they had been an open case on the elusive bigfoot, aka yetti, aka sasquatch. And they rea...

Posted 11/26/2019 1:00:51 AM

Looking for Bigfoot from in his living room! July 14th

Unseen clips from RWB...

Posted 11/26/2019 12:45:49 AM

11-24-2019 Adult Vocals Mimic/Cadence & Samari Chit Chat (Please use headphone, read description)

PLEASE USE HEADPHONES - Taken from 1.5 hours recording time. The Bigfoot were a lot more vocal than in recent days. What was interesting was two diffe...

Posted 11/26/2019 12:32:24 AM

World-Class Paranormal Hot Spot | ECETI Ranch Part 1 S01E05

ECETI Ranch. Aside from Skinwalker Ranch, potentially the most active UFO and paranormal hot spot in the United States. And right where the term "flyi...

Posted 11/25/2019 11:35:12 PM

Sasquatch Summit, Russell Acord & She-Squatchers

Quick peak of the full house at Sasquatch Summit 2020. Russell Acord joins the She-Squatchers while getting in touch with his feminine side. Ha-ha! He...

Posted 11/24/2019 1:11:26 AM

Sasquatch BMR / Test 3 / NJ / 11.23.19

You be the judge.....

Posted 11/24/2019 12:55:39 AM

Got a sighting to report?

Hood River County Oregon (Class A) BFRO

Daylight sighting of a Bigfoot by horseback riding below Bald Butte near Mt. Hood

My granny Pearl V. Bailey lived on a dirt road just up the hill from hwy 35 in the town of Mt. Hood. I guess about 15 miles or so from Hood River, Or. I think it was either 1981 or 1982. I was born in...

January 1982

Middlesex County Connecticut (Class A) BFRO

Recent sighting on Connecticut Water Co. property near Killingworth

Walking in woods about 50 yds off trail with my adult son. We saw a stone wall about 30 yds in front of me and noticed black figure behind this 2 ft. high wall. It was very black. I thought it was a b...

October 2019

Humboldt County California (Class B) BFRO

Matole River Watershed (Lost Coast region) resident reporting loud knocks and vocalizations

You would be interested in what happened to me a year ago, and twice more in 24 hours, just 2 weeks ago, near the Humboldt Mendo County headwaters of the Matole River. I am absolutely convinced that s...

November 2019

Palo Pinto County Texas (Class B) BFRO

Brazos River campers encounter powerful vocalizations at close range

I was 14-15 years old. My father and I were camping with another father and son along the Brazos River. It was after midnight and my friend and I were running a trotline we had stretched across the ri...

June 1977

Ocean County New Jersey (Class A) BFRO

Teenagers have nightime encounter near Jackson

I have e-mailed you before but wasn't ready to describe my encounter.I have also offered to help in the area of investigations I am experienced in the outdoors and have tracking skills among other ski...

July 1983

Allegheny County Pennsylvania (Class A) BFRO

Man recalls childhood sighting near Allison Park

A friend and I were sitting down on a pipeline right of way. We heard a noise that sounded like something that a large bird might make. A little while later, we heard something that sounded like someo...

January 1971

Scott County Missouri (Class A) BFRO

Late night sighting by young couple in a parked car on a rural lane outside Kelso

[Editor's note: The initial report was submitted by a friend and co-worker of the witness. The BFRO investigator eventually spoke with the witness by phone (see investigator's notes below). The witnes...

January 1994

Pend Oreille County Washington (Class A) BFRO

Woman kayaking with family at Sullivan lake sees bigfoot

My friends and family and I were Kayaking across Sullivan Lake in North Eastern Washington. We had spent the entire day slowly making our way around the side of the lake that is unpopulated (there is ...

August 2002

Alberta Canada (Class A) BFRO

Woman describes close encounter when she was 18 near Peace River

1975 - September, dusk, just starting to turn dark (I was 18): Drove to "12 Foot Davis" Gravesite/Picnic Grounds in Peace River with friend. We walked on the hillside behind the grave site. No bir...

September 1975

Ferry County Washington (Class A) BFRO

Homeowner recalls early morning sighting near Malo

My sighting was back in 1993 we lived in Ferry county Malo Washington state. 2.5 miles up rural area road Empire Creek my driveway turned to the left and you would cross over Empire Creek we lived in ...

October 1993

Allegany County New York (Class A) BFRO

Witness has two encounters with an animal near Genesee River

It was about 7 years ago in a town called Wellsville, New York, in Allegany county. I was around 12 years old, as was my cousin who was with me. It was in the middle of winter, I want to say late Janu...

February 1998

Orange County Florida (Class A) BFRO

Private contractor spots a tall tree-peeker during a meeting outside Orlando

This occurred southeast of Orlando. I was attending an on-site meeting for a new construction project in a very remote and undeveloped area southeast of Orlando. During the meeting, I kept noticing mo...

September 2011