Bigfoot Encounters and Andromeda Beings: Joyce's Paranormal Journey

Posted Tuesday, February 27, 2024

By staff

A video recently caught my attention, and I couldn't help but share it with our fellow Squatchable community. The woman in the video, Joyce, has had a series of profound experiences that she believes are connected to Bigfoot. However, she has recently come to a different conclusion that I found intriguing. Joyce has been involved in various spiritual practices, such as cemetery headstone cleaning, frequency healing, and sound therapy. She has also been shown natural sigils and has learned to communicate with light language. While visiting Fort Caroline in Jacksonville, Florida, she encountered a shimmering being that she initially attributed to Bigfoot. However, after listening to a podcast by Jay Weidner, she began to question her assumption. Weidner spoke about plasma beings and their qualities, which caused Joyce to reconsider her earlier interpretation. She realized that what she had been calling Bigfoot was actually a plasma being from another dimension. Through remote viewing and using her pendulum, Joyce discovered that the being was from Andromeda. Although Joyce still acknowledges the existence of Bigfoot and has had positive encounters with them, she now understands that her experience at Fort Caroline was not related to Sasquatch. Instead, she believes it was an Andromeda being, which has sparked her interest in exploring more about these interdimensional entities. This revelation is a fascinating reminder that our understanding of the world and its inhabitants is constantly evolving. I encourage you to watch Joyce's video and share your thoughts with our community. Is it possible that some Bigfoot sightings could be attributed to interdimensional beings? Let's keep an open mind and continue exploring the mysteries that our world has to offer.