Investigating the Shadowy Nature of Bigfoot: Flesh, Interdimensional, or Vision?

Posted Tuesday, February 27, 2024

By staff

Have you ever considered the possibility that Bigfoot is not just a flesh and blood creature, but also a shadow entity? The YouTube channel MindShock recently explored this idea in their video titled "SHADOW BIGFOOT: IS BIGFOOT an INTERDIMENSIONAL CREATURE?" The video discusses the concept of shadow people, humanoid entities that exist in the shadow realm or between dimensions. The hosts suggest that if shadow people can exist, why not Bigfoot? Could Bigfoot be a shadow creature, unable to be seen directly and only glimpsed out of the corner of the eye? This theory could explain the evasiveness of Bigfoot sightings. If Bigfoot is a shadow creature, it would be difficult to spot in the woods, only appearing as a fleeting movement in the corner of the eye. The video also brings up the idea of technology that could expand the threshold of the visible light spectrum, allowing humans to see more of the paranormal world. This raises the question of whether shadow creatures, including shadow Bigfoot, have been right in front of us the entire time, unseen due to the limitations of the human eye. I find this theory intriguing. It opens up new possibilities for the nature of Bigfoot and its place in the paranormal world. I encourage you to watch the video and consider the idea of shadow Bigfoot for yourself.