Three Recent Bigfoot Sightings in Texas, Arizona, and Wisconsin

Posted Sunday, February 25, 2024

By staff

A new set of encounter stories has been making the rounds on YouTube, and I couldn't wait to share them with our fellow Bigfoot believers. The stories come from the YouTube channel Ontario Cryptids, and they are truly captivating. The first encounter takes us back to October 2005 in Cah County, Texas. The witness was driving along Highway 206 when something caught their eye in a nearby field filled with cows. At first, they thought it was just another cow, but as they approached, they realized that it was standing upright on two legs. The creature appeared to be black and was crouched over one of the cows that was lying down. As the witness drove past, they noticed that the creature's back was only waist-high to the standing cows. The witness then stopped their car to get a better look and saw the creature walking towards the trees at the back of the field. The second encounter occurred in Gilla County, Arizona, about three years ago. The witness was up past the PAC in Arizona area, up the Mogon Rim in what they think is the Tonto National Forest. They were going camping and decided to leave the populated camping areas and go further into the woods. As they were walking their dogs, they spotted something heading their direction, only walking at an angle to their right. At first, they thought it was a horse, but as it got closer, they realized that it only had two legs. The witness was struck with fear as they realized that they were looking at a Sasquatch. The third and final encounter took place in Okono County, Wisconsin, on May 28th, 2023. The witness was driving north on Pigo Brock Road when they saw a large black and brown figure of a man walking towards them. The figure was not a bear and not a human, and it walked with large legs even at the base towards the feet. The witness was convinced that they had seen a Sasquatch. These stories are a great reminder of why we are all here, sharing our passion for Bigfoot and the unknown. If you have had an encounter similar to these three, I encourage you to share your story with Ontario Cryptids. They would be honored to share your story on their channel. Remember, as Bigfoot believers, we are always open to new stories and experiences. These encounters are a reminder that there is still so much out there that we don't understand. So, let's keep an open mind and continue to explore the world around us. Excitement Level: 7/10 Note: None of the content in the video belongs to us at Squatchable. We are simply sharing these stories with our fellow Bigfoot believers. If you want to watch the full video, you can find it on the Ontario Cryptids YouTube channel.