Pet Photographer's Encounter with Possible Bigfoot on 'Photo Warrior'

Posted Wednesday, February 21, 2024

By staff

A few days ago, I stumbled upon an interesting video from the YouTube channel Beyond the Woodline. The host, Joe de Hoos, interviews Jason Kenzie, a pet photographer and Bigfoot researcher. Jason shares his journey into the world of Bigfoot research and his experiences in Michigan. Jason started his photography career as a wedding and event photographer. He then transitioned into pet photography, which eventually led him to exotic animal photography. His love for animals and adventure led him to create a web series called "My Animal Adventures," where he documents his experiences with various animals. When the pandemic hit, Jason found himself with extra time on his hands and decided to explore the world of Bigfoot research. He had heard about Sasquatch sightings in Harrison Hot Springs, near his home in Vancouver, and decided to investigate. Jason interviewed several eyewitnesses and eventually found what he believes to be the migration path of the Sasquatch people, as evidenced by hundreds of footprints in the middle of a lake. Jason's research eventually took him to Michigan, where he attended a Bigfoot conference and filmed two documentaries. During his time in Michigan, Jason had a fascinating experience while camping in the forest. He heard something walking towards him in the middle of the night and felt the vibrations of its footsteps. Although he couldn't see what it was, he captured a grunt on video. I found Jason's experiences and research to be both intriguing and exciting. It's always interesting to hear about new sightings and research, and Jason's background in photography adds a unique perspective to his work. If you're interested in learning more about Jason's experiences and research, be sure to check out the video on Beyond the Woodline's YouTube channel. It's definitely worth a watch!