Remembering Bigfoot Researcher Bill Brun and the 'True Giants' Enigma

Posted Wednesday, February 21, 2024

By staff

In a recent video from the YouTube channel Sasquatch Experience, hosts Shan, James, Matt, Henry, and Vance delve into the topic of giant Sasquatch creatures. These are beings that are reported to be significantly larger than the typical 7-8 feet tall that Sasquatch are generally thought to be. The team discusses the history of reports of these giant creatures, and how researchers like Loren Coleman and Mark A. Hall have taken these accounts seriously. Matt brings up the point that many of the tallest men in recorded history suffered from structural issues due to their height, and wonders if a giant Sasquatch would face similar challenges. He suggests that these creatures may be more akin to mythical giants than simply oversized versions of the Sasquatch we are familiar with. Henry shares that he became familiar with the concept of true giants through Loren Coleman's book "True Giants," which he received as a gift at the John Green tribute in 2011. The book discusses the possibility that these giant creatures may still be alive today. The team also discusses the 1965 sighting at the Big Horn Dam site, where workers reported seeing a 15 foot tall Sasquatch. There have also been reports of these giant creatures in Maine, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland. I encourage our readers to check out this video for themselves and see what they think about the possibility of giant Sasquatch creatures. It's always fascinating to hear different perspectives and theories within the Bigfoot community.