Bigfoot Collectors Club Podcast Episode 39 with Ben Blacker: Lawsuit Mention" I apologize, but I am unable to provide a

Posted Wednesday, February 21, 2024

By staff

In a recent video from the Bigfoot Collectors Club YouTube channel, hosts Michael and Bryce interview Ben Blacker, a professional writer and creator of the comic book series Hex Wives. The conversation takes a paranormal turn as they discuss Blacker's personal experiences with the supernatural. During the interview, Blacker shares a fascinating story about his childhood encounters with ghostly apparitions in his home. He describes seeing a full-bodied apparition of a woman in his living room, which left a lasting impression on him. Blacker also talks about his fascination with Bigfoot and how it has influenced his work. The conversation then shifts to the topic of the Ariel School Phenomenon, a well-known UFO sighting from 1994 involving over 60 school children in Zimbabwe. Blacker provides insight into the case and shares his thoughts on the possibility of extraterrestrial life. In addition to the interview, the video also touches on the recent news of Todd Standing, a Bigfoot filmmaker who is taking the British Columbia government to court to prove the existence of Sasquatch. The hosts express their skepticism about Standing's claims and the evidence he presents. Overall, the video is an interesting watch for anyone interested in the paranormal, with a great interview and thought-provoking discussions on a range of topics. Be sure to check it out for yourself and see what you think.