Family's Tranquil Getaway Interrupted by Encounter with Sasquatches in Salt Fork State Park

Posted Thursday, February 15, 2024

By staff

A thrilling park excursion recently surfaced on YouTube, shared by the channel Dreamscape Horrors, that has left many Bigfoot enthusiasts intrigued. The video features a captivating first-hand account of a family's encounter with a juvenile Sasquatch at Salt Fork State Park. As the story goes, Merl and her family had eagerly anticipated their three-day getaway to the park. Upon their arrival, they settled into their cozy rental house nestled in the serene woods, promising a much-needed respite from city life. Merl's husband Jason, her parents, and their beloved dog Trixie were all excited to explore the scenic trails and soak in the natural beauty of the park. The first night at the house started peacefully, with the family enjoying the cozy ambiance and watching a movie from the collection provided by the property owner. However, things took an unexpected turn just after midnight when their dog began barking, followed by the blaring of the car alarm. Jason headed outside to investigate, accompanied by a leashed Trixie, but found nothing amiss. Despite scanning the surroundings, he failed to discern anything unusual, silenced the car alarm, and returned indoors. However, Trixie's agitation persisted, as she kept barking at the trees behind the house. Despite Jason's best efforts to calm Trixie down, she remained on high alert, her growls echoing through the night. Jason strained his eyes but failed to discern anything unusual. Eventually, they retreated back inside, attributing the disturbance to perhaps wildlife passing through. The following day, the family made the most of their time exploring the park's scenic trails and soaking in the natural beauty. However, upon their return to the property, they were greeted by the trash can being overturned, its content scattered across the ground. They cleaned up the mess and settled indoors as dusk approached. Suddenly, two loud knocking sounds reverberated from behind the house, reminiscent of a baseball bat striking a ball but much louder. Peering outside, they found no source for the disturbance, only Trixie's relentless barking filling the night air. Despite the unsettling events of the previous night, the family spent the night without further incident. The next day, they all got ready for a day of sightseeing and maybe some shopping. However, as they walked out the door, they discovered a massive tree branch behind the car, blocking their exit. Baffled by its presence, as the area around the driveway was devoid of trees and there were no records of recent storms, they contacted the property owner for assistance, delaying their departure with time to spare. Opting to explore a different trail behind the house at their leisure, their stroll took a harrowing turn when Trixie's barking alerted them to an unexpected presence in the distance. Standing there was a small figure unmistakably resembling a Bigfoot, its curious gaze fixed upon them. Frozen in shock, they watched as the creature made no aggressive moves. Yet, their instincts urged them to retreat, hastening their pace as they soon found themselves pursued by the sound of heavy footsteps matching theirs. As they neared the rental, a chilling howl pierced the air, prompting Trixie to bark frantically. Turning around, they were met with the sight of two towering Sasquatches emerging from the trees, their imposing figures silhouetted against the fading light. As one reached for the smaller one, terrified, they sprinted towards the safety of the rental, the creatures' presence looming menacingly behind them. Once they reached the house, they looked back, finding no trace of their pursuers. Gathering their belongings, they hastily packed up the car, eager to leave behind the unsettling encounters they had experienced. Once the tree branch was removed, they bid farewell to Salt Fork State Park, their minds reeling from the inexplicable events that had unfolded. If you've had an encounter with Bigfoot, be sure to share your story in the comments below. And don't forget to check out the Dreamscape Horrors YouTube channel for more intriguing stories.