Canoers Encounter Mysterious Jet Boat Chasing a Forest Creature in Alaska

Posted Tuesday, February 13, 2024

By staff

A thrilling account of a close encounter with Bigfoot has been shared on the Paranormal Odyssey Podcast YouTube channel. The video, titled "Aguluwok River Bigfoot (part 3 of 3)," features two men canoeing down the Aguluwok River in Alaska when they hear a jet boat in the distance. As they continue their journey, they hear the boat making its way back towards them, but it remains out of sight. The men decide to pull over to the side of the river and take a break, still able to hear the boat in the distance. They express concern about the boat potentially hitting them, as they are in a tippy canoe and not easily visible. After waiting for about 20-25 minutes, they hear the boat shut off and decide to continue on their journey. As they continue down the river, they hear the jet boat start up again, this time coming from a different direction. They describe hearing it go back and forth, as if it is chasing something. The men eventually make it to their destination, an A-frame cabin on the river, where they build a bonfire and settle in for the night. As they are sitting by the fire, they hear the jet boat start up again, this time sounding much further away. Suddenly, one of the men sees something moving in the trees on the side of the river. They initially dismiss it as nothing, but as the boat continues to make its way down the river, they notice that it is coming straight towards them. As the boat passes by, the men can see that there are three people on board, one of whom works at the Nagak Lodge. The men on the boat are visibly shaken and tell the two canoeists that they had been chasing a Bigfoot that had been running along the shoreline, screaming at them. The men in the boat had followed it back and forth for some time, but the Bigfoot had not run away. The men on the boat describe the Bigfoot as being about 7-8 feet tall, with long, shaggy hair and a distinct smell. They say that it had jumped into the water and swam after their boat, causing them to panic. This is just one of many accounts of Bigfoot sightings in Alaska, and it is always exciting to hear firsthand accounts of these elusive creatures. If you are interested in learning more about Bigfoot sightings and encounters, be sure to check out the Paranormal Odyssey Podcast on YouTube. And who knows, maybe one day you'll have your own Bigfoot encounter to share! I am always thrilled to hear about new sightings and encounters. This account from the Paranormal Odyssey Podcast is particularly exciting, as it involves multiple witnesses and a detailed description of the Bigfoot. It's always fascinating to hear about the different behaviors and characteristics that people observe during their encounters, and this account is no exception.