Canoeing in Alaska: Witnessing Unexplained Sounds in 1998

Posted Tuesday, February 13, 2024

By staff

A chilling account of a possible Bigfoot encounter has been shared on the Paranormal Odyssey Podcast YouTube channel. The video, titled "Aguluwok River Bigfoot (part 1 of 3)," features a firsthand account of an experience that took place in 1998 in the wood tick chick State Park in Alaska. In the video, the witness and his friend Brian were on a canoeing trip when they began hearing strange noises. At first, they assumed the sounds were just small fish jumping in the water. However, as they continued down the river, the noises became louder and more frequent. Once they reached Lake nura, they set up camp and heard a "horrific" sound coming from across the lake. The witness described the sound as "animalistic" but couldn't pinpoint what kind of animal it was. Despite the strange noise, they dismissed it and went to bed. But at 3:34 in the morning, the witness was awakened by a low-toned moaning sound that lasted for 25 seconds. He immediately grabbed his rifle and woke up Brian. They heard a series of screams, with the original screamer across the lake making a three-octave scream that echoed through the valley. Brian's panic level went up, and the witness tried to calm him down as they quickly packed up their campsite and got into the canoe to leave. As they were leaving, they heard a chain reaction of other screams down the valley, which was a truly creepy experience. This video is a fascinating account of a possible Bigfoot encounter. The witness and his friend's reactions to the strange noises they heard are completely relatable, and their decision to leave the area quickly is understandable. While we can't say for sure if it was a Bigfoot they heard, the experience is certainly intriguing and worth a watch. If you're interested in Bigfoot sightings and encounters, be sure to check out the Paranormal Odyssey Podcast YouTube channel for more stories like this one. And who knows, maybe one day you'll have your own Bigfoot encounter to share.