Bigfoot Researcher's Traveling Adventures: Insights and Sightings

Posted Monday, February 12, 2024

By staff

If you're a Bigfoot enthusiast, you're in for a treat! I recently came across a fascinating video on YouTube featuring an interview with Mike Familant, a full-time Bigfoot researcher, by the channel SasqWatchers. In this video, Mike shares his unique approach to Bigfoot research and his experiences traveling from state to state, speaking at libraries during the day and searching for Bigfoot at night. Mike explains that he started his full-time Bigfoot research journey last year and has since visited 100 venues, tent-camped 129 nights, and met many amazing people along the way. His dedication to the field is truly inspiring, and his passion for Bigfoot research is evident in his every word. During the interview, Mike shares his origin story and how he became interested in Bigfoot. It all started when he saw a Finding Bigfoot episode and decided to join the team on an expedition. Although his first experience didn't involve any Sasquatch sightings, he remained undeterred and continued his research. One particularly intriguing part of the video is when Mike recounts a memorable experience from one of his expeditions. While watching a meteor shower late at night, he and his friend heard a series of knocks coming from different directions. Shortly after, a large branch crashed through the trees, landing just a few feet away from them. Mike's account of this event is both thrilling and captivating, leaving viewers wondering if they had a close encounter with a Bigfoot. Overall, this video is a must-watch for any Bigfoot enthusiast. Mike's passion for the field and his unique approach to research make for an engaging and informative conversation. I highly recommend checking out the video and learning more about Mike's experiences and insights into the world of Bigfoot research.