Tennessee Hunters' Encounter: Unidentified Roaring Creature in 1975

Posted Monday, February 12, 2024

By Squatchable.com staff

A chilling tale of a possible encounter with a Sasquatch has been making the rounds on YouTube, and I couldn't resist sharing this video with our readers. The story comes from a man who, along with his cousin, had a harrowing experience while squirrel hunting on their family's farm in Rankin, Tennessee, back in 1975. The two were determined to win a friendly competition they had going, to see who could catch the most squirrels that season. However, on the day of the hunting trip, the cousin's friend couldn't make it, so the man decided to go with his cousin instead. They walked the farm but couldn't find any squirrels or any other wildlife. It wasn't until they heard strange noises coming from the fence line that things took a turn for the worse. At first, they thought it was the cousin's friend trying to scare them, but as they listened closer, they realized the sounds were too loud and menacing to be human. The creature let out a loud, chesty roar, and the two men knew they were in danger. They quickly grabbed their guns and started shooting in the direction of the noise. After emptying their weapons, the creature stopped making sounds, and the two men cautiously made their way back to the house. The man's family didn't believe him when he told them what had happened, but the next day, he and his cousin went back to the spot where they had heard the creature. They found broken branches and bullet holes but no sign of blood or a body. The man emphasized that whatever they had encountered was not human, leaving the viewers to wonder if they had indeed come face to face with a Sasquatch. I find stories like this fascinating and worth sharing with our readers. The possibility of Sasquatch existing is always an exciting topic, and this video adds to the growing body of evidence that suggests these creatures may be living among us. I encourage our readers to watch the video and decide for themselves if they believe the man's story. While I can't say for certain if this was a genuine Sasquatch encounter, I'm excited to see more people coming forward with their stories. I'm always looking for new evidence and accounts that can help us better understand these mysterious creatures. So, if you have a Sasquatch story to share, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at Squatchable. We'd love to hear from you!