Mysterious Bigfoot Encounters: Witness Accounts from Colorado to British Columbia

Posted Monday, February 12, 2024

By staff

Just recently, I came across some intriguing Bigfoot sighting stories on YouTube that I believe are worth sharing with our fellow Bigfoot enthusiasts here at Squatchable. The first account takes us back to the summer of 1964 in Boulder County, Colorado. A family was enjoying a picnic near the St. Vrain stream when they experienced an eerie feeling of being watched. Suddenly, they spotted an 8-foot-tall creature with long gray hair and a face that was almost human, perched on a rocky ledge about 30 feet up. The creature, which had a powerful build and hair covering its body, startled the witness before swiftly disappearing. This remarkable encounter has left a lasting impression on the witness and continues to fuel the belief in Bigfoot's existence. The second story comes from the spring of 1974 in the dense forest near Shawnigan Lake, British Columbia. Five young cousins, including our witness, were exploring the woods when they heard rustling sounds. As they hid behind a fallen tree, a large, mysterious figure emerged – a Bigfoot, dark shaggy and towering at about 6 to 7 feet tall with long arms and stooped shoulders. The creature had a round head without visible ears or snout, covered in blackish-brown hair. After startling the girls, it retreated back into the forest. Encounters like this, especially with multiple witnesses, add another layer to the Bigfoot mystery. In the White Swan Lake Area of British Columbia, a seasoned hunter with over 35 years of experience had a brief yet intense encounter in September 2007. While taking a break, he was engulfed by an overpowering, foul smell. He soon spotted a tall, unmistakably peculiar creature covered in dark brown hair with a muscular, thick build. Although the sighting was brief, it left a lasting impression on the witness and changed his perspective forever. Lastly, a witness in Westport, Ontario, reported a sighting in August 2008. While looking out from their second-floor window, they saw a large, dark figure over 6 feet tall with medium brown fur and a distinct patch of hay-colored yellow on its side. The creature crossed the clearing in just three long strides, turning its face toward the cabin. This sighting, along with the mysterious displacement of an oral feeder and a large rock prior to the sighting, adds to the growing collection of Bigfoot stories that continue to intrigue and mystify us. I encourage you all to watch these captivating stories on the Just Bigfoot Stories YouTube channel and share your thoughts with us in the comments below. Remember, there are countless untold stories out there, so stay curious and keep exploring!