Minnesota Viewer's Property: Mysterious Bigfoot Encounters and Unusual Hills

Posted Sunday, February 11, 2024

By Squatchable.com staff

A firsthand account of a series of strange occurrences in Minnesota has caught the attention of the Bigfoot community. The testimony comes from a viewer named Aaron, who lives near the St. Croix River along the Minnesota-Wisconsin border. Aaron contacted the YouTube channel Base Camp Chris after watching a video featuring two men from Minnesota on a canoe trip up the Wild and Scenic St. Croix River. In the interview with Base Camp Chris, Aaron shares his experiences, which began after he and his family moved into their new home in Chisago County. The first incident occurred when Aaron went outside to check on a water issue in his basement during a rainstorm. As he attempted to fix the downspout, he felt an overwhelming sense of dread and fear. When he turned around, he saw multiple pairs of eyes at different levels and sizes, staring back at him. Even after turning off his headlamp, the eyes continued to shine. Aaron's wife also witnessed some of the events, including strange noises and shadows moving around their property. The encounters continued with the sighting of large footprints and trees being mysteriously knocked down. The location of Aaron's property is particularly interesting, as it is near two prominent hills covered in woods and home to trees over 100 years old. Some have speculated that these hills could be man-made or connected to Native American history and potential burial grounds. While the events can be unsettling, it's good to approach such stories with an open mind and respect for the witnesses' experiences. The presence of Bigfoot or Sasquatch remains a topic of debate, but the testimony of individuals like Aaron adds to the intrigue and mystery surrounding these elusive creatures. To gain a better understanding of the situation and to form your own opinion, we encourage you to watch the full interview on the Base Camp Chris YouTube channel. Remember, every piece of evidence and testimony contributes to the ongoing conversation about the existence of Bigfoot.