Squatch Detective: Investigating Bigfoot Sightings Across 46 States

Posted Sunday, February 11, 2024

By Squatchable.com staff

In a recent video from the paranormal-focused YouTube channel, Paranormal Odyssey, host Wayne and his co-host Tiffany welcome special guest Steve Kulls, also known as the Squatch Detective, for an engaging discussion on all things Bigfoot. Steve shares his captivating journey into the world of Bigfoot research, which began when he was a child after watching the Legend of Boggy Creek. His interest was rekindled years later when a friend introduced him to the book Monsters of the Northwoods, prompting him to investigate the credibility of these claims. This led to the creation of his organization, the Ader on De Research Organization, and later his website Squatch Detective, which has been active since 2006. During the conversation, Steve discusses his extensive travels to 46 of the 50 states to investigate Bigfoot sightings and shares some of his most memorable experiences. He also touches on the importance of forensic interviewing techniques in his investigations and how these methods have helped him uncover the truth behind various sightings. Towards the end of the video, Wayne and Tiffany open the floor for viewer questions, allowing the audience to engage directly with Steve and learn more about his work. If you're a Bigfoot enthusiast looking to dive deeper into the world of Sasquatch research, this Paranormal Odyssey video is definitely worth a watch. Steve Kulls offers a unique perspective and valuable insights into the ongoing search for Bigfoot, making this a must-see for anyone interested in the subject.