Bigfoot Encounter: Real Stories from Eyewitnesses

Posted Sunday, February 11, 2024

By staff

In a recent video from the YouTube channel Ontario Cryptids, viewers are treated to a compilation of personal encounters and experiences with wild men or women of the forest, as described by various individuals. The video, titled "Graveyard Of 200 Giants!" [EP-201], features comments left on the channel's videos that are too lengthy to be included in short format. One particularly intriguing account comes from John H, who recounts his experience from 1982, when he and a high school friend decided to take a trip down the coast of Washington and Oregon. During their journey, they stopped to make camp near a KOA campground, about 100 yards off the side of the road. Immediately, they felt that something was off about the area, describing it as a "dead zone" with an overpowering skunk-like smell. As they set up their tent, they heard odd noises all around them and, at one point, a rock came sailing past John's head. The two friends ran away from the area, hearing what they believed to be a Sasquatch stomping through the brush on both sides of the road. Eventually, they reached a clearing where they saw a massive figure standing about 10 feet tall. John describes the creature as having stared him in the eyes in the moonlight before he and his friend ran for their lives. Another comment, left by Tom M, references a previous Ontario Cryptids video about giants, which is a topic that the channel may cover in the future. Tom shares his personal experience of a farmer in Barry who discovered a graveyard of skeletons while excavating his land. Many of the skeletons were reportedly around 9 feet tall, and some showed signs of battle. Tom mentions that the remains were traced back to a tribe of Indians from approximately 250 years ago. I am always excited to come across new and intriguing stories and experiences related to Bigfoot and other cryptids. The accounts shared in this Ontario Cryptids video are no exception, and I encourage our readers to watch the video for themselves to gain a better understanding of these fascinating personal encounters.