Sasquatch Encounters, Ancient Scriptures, and Renaissance Moone Co.

Posted Saturday, February 10, 2024

By staff

In a recent video posted on YouTube by the channel RenaissanceMan, a hiker shares their encounter with a white Sasquatch while on a nature walk in Bigfoot country. The video, titled "White Sasquatch Visits First Nations Tribe | Vedas | Bigfoot Country Hike," features the hiker exploring the area and discussing the possibility of a white Sasquatch visiting the local First Nations tribe every 10,000 years. As the hiker walks along the trail, they come across a large pile of bark and speculate that it may have been left behind by a Sasquatch. They also mention a dream one of their friends had about a white Sasquatch while camping in the area. The video takes an interesting turn when a guest, Richard, shares his perspective on the concept of a powerful white Sasquatch visiting every 10,000 years from a Vedic perspective. He explains the relevance and authoritative significance of the Vedas, the oldest scriptures on the planet, and how they describe both the material and spiritual worlds. Richard goes on to discuss how Sasquatch could have the same visitations in their culture as the avatars, or pure representatives of God, who come to spiritually elevate the planet and remind us of our true spiritual nature. He also mentions that Sasquatch understand and respect a higher being in their spiritual culture. Towards the end of the video, the hiker and their friend, Sky Lee, discuss the possibility of camping out in the area to see if they can have their own Sasquatch encounter. I encourage our readers to check out this intriguing video and share their thoughts in the comments. The possibility of a white Sasquatch visiting every 10,000 years and the Vedic perspective on Sasquatch culture is certainly food for thought. Happy Squatching!