Montana Couple's Chilling Bigfoot Encounter and 20-Year Follow-Up

Posted Saturday, February 10, 2024

By staff

A thrilling first-hand account of a Bigfoot sighting in Montana has been shared on the YouTube channel BIGFOOT! / William Jevning. The video, titled "BIGFOOT! AMERICA'S CREEK DEVIL | Danny and Sarah | Episode 261," features an interview with Danny, a musician from Oregon, who had a close encounter with a Bigfoot in 1999 while driving through Livingston, Montana. Danny, who was traveling with his bandmates, noticed a tall, bipedal creature walking next to a cattle fence on a frontage road to their right. The creature was moving extremely fast and with a fluidity that caught Danny's attention. He couldn't see facial features or the sex of the animal, but he described it as a reddish-brown color, which reminded him of Chewbacca from Star Wars. Danny's bass player, who was sitting next to him in the van, also saw the creature and described it as "Chewbacca." The two were shocked by what they had seen and continued to drive, discussing the possibility of what they had just witnessed. In the interview, Danny shares that he has always been interested in cryptozoology and had many conversations about Bigfoot with his Lakota drummer and geology major bass player. However, he had never heard of Bigfoot in Montana before his sighting. Danny's sighting is a fascinating account of a Bigfoot encounter and is sure to excite Bigfoot enthusiasts. The creature's fluid movement and reddish-brown color make it a unique sighting, and the fact that it was seen by two people further adds to its credibility. If you're interested in hearing more about Danny's sighting, be sure to check out the video on BIGFOOT! / William Jevning's YouTube channel. And, as always, keep your eyes peeled for any signs of Bigfoot while out in the wilderness!