Bigfoot Sighting in Washington & Wyoming Skunk Ape Encounters - Paranormal Podcast with Todd and Doug

Posted Sunday, February 04, 2024

By staff

In a chilling episode of Paranormal Odyssey, hosts Wayne and Tiffany welcome guests Todd, Doug, and Carrie from Bigfoot Wilderness Research. The group shares their recent encounter with something otherworldly in the snowy wilderness. Todd and Doug discuss their beginnings in Bigfoot research, with Doug growing up in El Paso, Texas, and experiencing strange occurrences in the remote Trinity Alps. Todd, originally from Lancaster, developed an interest in Bigfoot after his son's encounter at a lake in the same area. The two met and began their research together, eventually joined by Carrie. During their recent expedition, the team discovered a set of tracks in the snow, which they believe belong to a Sasquatch. They share pictures and stories of their encounters, including an eerie feeling of being watched and the sense of a powerful presence. Wayne and Tiffany engage in a discussion about collecting DNA from tracks in the snow, with 86% of viewers disagreeing with the idea. The group also touches upon the importance of preserving the snow and the potential for degradation. Tune in to Paranormal Odyssey's YouTube channel for more intriguing stories and evidence of the unknown. Don't forget to hit that subscribe button and join the Squatchable community for regular updates on all things Bigfoot.