Video Captures Emotional Encounter with Bigfoot in Washington's Cascade Range

Posted Sunday, May 07, 2023

By staff

A group of field researchers on a long-term expedition in an area of high Bigfoot activity in the Cascade Range of Washington state had a close encounter with an unknown creature that vocalized in a manner consistent with human-like language. Nathan Bronis, one of the eyewitnesses, provides vivid details of the emotional outburst that reportedly lasted for about 10 minutes on the first night of the expedition in 2015 or 2016. Nathan describes how the vocalizations alternated between anger and sadness and exhibited clear enunciation, intonation, and emphasis. "I know a lot of people don't like the use of language, but this fits within the context of what we would define as language," Nathan explains. "It wasn't just mindless vocalizations. It was articulate, emotionally detailed, and framed thoughts. Very clearly, some kind of language." Nathan and his friend Kirk Brandenburg, both camping in tents about 35 feet apart, initially thought the vocalizations were coming from a person in distress, but soon realized that they might be dealing with a Sasquatch, one of the same individuals that Kirk had previously heard in the area. Nathan had a thermal imaging device, while Kirk had a handgun, and both men were ready to defend themselves if necessary. However, the creature, located about 25 feet behind Nathan's tent, did not approach or attack them, but rather seemed to be expressing a range of emotions in response to some unknown stimuli. Nathan describes how the vocalizations began with a loud scream, followed by footsteps and brushing against trees, and then evolved into a mix of grunts, growls, moans, and foreign-sounding words. "It vacillated between this shouting anger and emotional sobbing," Nathan recalls. "It was very clearly articulated, enunciated, conversational framing. There was breakups, it was words. The experts out there can give you a breakdown of what all that means, but there was speech involved of some sort." Nathan reveals that the researchers were unable to record or film the event due to technical difficulties, such as a dead battery and a forgotten recorder. "This was an amazing experience, and I've had a few of them personally," Nathan concludes. "I'm excited more than scared, but Kirk was ready to if he had to shoot something he would. Luckily, never had to come to anything like that." What do you think about this video? Do you believe that Bigfoot might be capable of using language, or is this just another case of misidentification or imagination? Share your thoughts in the comments section below and stay tuned for more updates on this ongoing mystery.