Couple Shares Chilling Bigfoot Encounter in Texas

Posted Monday, March 13, 2023

By staff

Modern Explorer, a YouTube channel that focuses on outdoor adventures, paranormal phenomena, and unexplained mysteries, has just posted an interview with a couple who claimed to have encountered Bigfoot multiple times in a property near the San Antonio River in Texas. According to the couple, who identified themselves as Oscar and Sylvia Sylvian, they initially noticed strange occurrences in their campsite when they visited it in the summer of 2019. They heard something hitting their camper and containers at night, despite seeing no animals or humans nearby. They also smelled something foul and felt uneasy in the area. At first, they thought that wild hogs or raccoons might be causing the disturbances. However, one day, Sylvia discovered massive footprints in the road base near their stairs and realized that they were not made by anything she had seen before. The footprints appeared to have a humanoid shape and a size of about 15 inches long and 8 inches wide at the ball of the foot. Some of them had three toes, while some had four. Later on, they heard from their neighbor, who lived in a camper near their property, that her Boston Terriers were afraid to go outside due to an unusual presence. She also noticed that her sewer hose had been bitten into, presumably by a large animal. When Sylvia went to investigate, she found more footprints in the ashes of their fire pit, which showed that the creature had walked around inside it and left ash trails. The couple then began to see Bigfoot in broad daylight. Sylvia recounted how she nearly stumbled upon the hidden creature while looking for footprints in a pile of leaves. When she got close to it, the creature moved suddenly and made the leaves fly everywhere. Sylvia screamed for Oscar to come, and they could hear the creature running away from them. She described the creature as having a high forehead, a cone-like head, a rust-colored fur, and a bulky body that stood up as high as a tree. Oscar also had a terrifying experience with Bigfoot when he was unloading their truck near a tree at nighttime. He heard a loud purring noise coming from behind him, turned around, and saw Bigfoot hunched over, watching him from a few feet away. He estimated that the creature was at least seven feet tall when it stood up, and it had broad shoulders, muscular arms, and hairy legs. Although the couple never captured any clear footage or photographs of Bigfoot, they claimed that they had found more footprints, hair samples, and signs of activity since then. They also believed that the creature was intelligent and could communicate with them in some way. They urged other people who might have encountered Bigfoot to speak up and share their stories.