Bigfoot nest? Group finds a nest made up of sticks and dowels

Posted Monday, March 13, 2023

By staff

Possible Sasquatch Activity at Abandoned Radar Base in Washington State A group of Bigfoot enthusiasts and researchers recently camped out at the abandoned Colville Air Force station, also known as the Radar Base, in Stevens County, Washington. While the official documentation only mentions the station's involvement in the Cold War, Sasquatch researcher Will Ulmer shared his knowledge of the Sasquatch activity that the 760th Squadron reportedly experienced when stationed there. The group, which included Beans Baxter and Aaron of WIBS, explored the abandoned base and searched for any recent evidence of Sasquatch activity. They discovered fresh tree breaks across paths and roadways, which is sometimes an indicator of Sasquatch in the area. They also heard unexplained vocalizations and witnessed weird occurrences, like rocks being thrown at a metal boat. Will Ulmer also taught the group about wood knocking and call blasting, techniques used to attract Sasquatch. The group even found a nest made up of sticks and dowels which they believed could be a Sasquatch nest. The abandoned base appeared to have been locked down by the military for a time, making it difficult for enthusiasts to access. However, after the fence was removed, the base has become a popular spot for researchers and enthusiasts alike. The abandoned Radar Base in Stevens County, along with other Sasquatch hotspots around the country, remains a mysterious and intriguing place for believers.