North Carolina Hunter Reports Chilling Encounters with Bigfoot and Mind Speak

Posted Sunday, March 12, 2023

By staff

Jim, a hunter from Western North Carolina, shares experiences with Bigfoot and mind speak. According to Jim, he and his son were hiking in a remote area when they heard a roar unlike anything they had heard before, resembling a lion but lasting for more than 10 seconds. They also felt an overwhelming sensation that they were in danger and needed to leave the spot immediately. Jim later returned alone to the same area and felt the same sensation of impending doom, which he described as "it got really, really dark and fuzzy looking, just almost like a blur." He sensed that if he didn't get out of there, he would die. Jim had also heard strange sounds like breaking limbs and a roar that his son and a friend had heard later, about 20 miles away from the first encounter. Jim candidly admits that he had never thought about Bigfoot until he had these experiences, and he tried to explain them to wildlife officers and fellow hunters, but they dismissed them as bears or nothing at all. However, when Jim saw an interview with another Bigfoot researcher, Les Stroud, where he talked about mind speak and how some people had heard the creature addressing them in their minds, Jim thought it sounded like what he had experienced. He even shared his own mind speak moment, when he heard a voice asking him if he wanted to see how scary it was. Jim turned around and saw nothing, but he felt the presence of something behind a pile of logs nearby. Jim also revealed that his father had once taken him hunting in a specific area where he had felt uncomfortable, years before Jim had his own scary encounters. Jim wondered if there was something to that spot, and he had tried to reach out to David Plies, a renowned Bigfoot researcher, but had no luck. Jim said that he didn't know what he had encountered, but he was convinced that it was something beyond his understanding. He described himself as a Christian who believed in God and went to church, but he couldn't deny what he had felt and heard in the woods. Some viewers suggest that the sounds could be attributed to other animals, such as cougars, bear, or owls, or even to environmental factors, such as infrasound or electrical activity. Others propose that mind speak is a real phenomenon that could explain some of the strange behavior and vocalizations associated with Bigfoot. They argue that since we don't fully understand how the brain works, it's possible that some people could receive messages or impressions from other beings without any physical or verbal cues. Regardless of the interpretations and opinions, the video raises interesting questions about the nature of Bigfoot and our interaction with it. If Bigfoot is a real creature, what is it trying to communicate to us? How does it use its vocalizations and body language to convey its feelings and intentions? Can some people really hear its thoughts or sense its presence without any visible or audible cues? While there is no definitive evidence yet to conclusively prove or disprove the theory of mind speak, the stories of witnesses like Jim and the dog owner add another layer of intrigue and mystery to the ongoing quest for the truth about the enigmatic creature.