Former Army and Navy Member Shares Face-to-Face Encounter with Bigfoot in Southeast Oklahoma in 2013

Posted Sunday, March 12, 2023

By staff

Bigfoot Society recently posted a video of an encounter between former Army and Navy member, Mike, and a Bigfoot in Southeast Oklahoma on Thanksgiving day back in 2013. According to his account, Mike was checking the deer feeder when he saw something standing about 20 feet away from him. It was huge, dark, and hairy. Mike froze as the creature turned to look at him before taking off through the trees, causing the smaller pine and cedar trees to sway back and forth. Mike's military background enabled him to be aware of his surroundings, which explains how he spotted the creature. He described the creature in the interview as having a typical big, round, and Cornish head with no neck. Mike couldn't make out the face of the creature as it was well hidden behind the tree limbs. He painted a vivid picture of the creature's size and the terror he felt, saying that the Sasquatch was about 7.5 feet tall and black-haired. His hair stood up on his neck and arms, and he was so locked up that he couldn't move. Mike also narrated that he heard a loud rustling sound in the trees when the creature was running away after spotting him. Mike only saw the front of the creature, but he could see it was in hunting mode. The deer feeder he was checking was near a game trail, and he believed the creature was eyeing an easy meal. Mike's Bigfoot encounter had him so spooked that he went back to his truck to retrieve his pistol before checking for tracks. However, he could only find slight evidence of the creature's presence in the form of disturbed dirt. A week later, Mike found the tracks in the same location, and he took a photo of them, which he later sent to Bigfoot Society, who posted it alongside the video. Mike's account of his Bigfoot encounter is expected to attract attention from enthusiasts and researchers, who seek to unravel this mystery. The Bigfoot Society channel, which features sightings and encounters of the creature, is an exciting place to visit for those interested in Sasquatch's lore. It is fascinating to hear first-hand accounts of those who have seen or had an encounter with the creature, and this video is no exception. The mystery of Bigfoot lives on.