Woman Claims to Have Lived with Sasquatches for Three Weeks in 1970

Posted Saturday, March 11, 2023

By Squatchable.com staff

A woman named Kalyn who calls in to a radio show to share her remarkable story of living with Sasquatches for three weeks in 1970. She shared her story with the show's host, Art Bell, who expresses both skepticism and fascination. According to Kalyn, she was camping alone in the Boulder Cave National Park in the Cascades of Washington when she encountered a male Sasquatch who abducted her and took her to a dark cave. Upon awakening, Kalyn found herself surrounded by a family of Sasquatches who communicated with her telepathically and taught her various skills, including hand-fishing, healing, and telepathy. Kalyn describes the Sasquatches as tall, hairy, and gentle beings who resembled humans in some ways, but also had some distinct features, such as long arms, big feet, and glowing red eyes. Kalyn claims that the Sasquatches told her they were not from Earth, but rather from a planet called Innova in the Aries star system. She says that the Sasquatches were actually prisoners who had been on their way to a Prison Planet when their spacecraft crashed on Earth 90,000 years ago. Kalyn says that the Sasquatches told her about their history, culture, and language, and that they warned her not to bring any weapons or cameras if she wanted to visit them again. The video has generated mixed reactions among viewers, with some dismissing Kalyn's story as a hoax or a delusion, and others expressing awe and curiosity. Skeptics note that Kalyn's testimony includes some inconsistencies and implausibilities, such as her casual attitude towards eating snakes and grubs, her fainting in the water, and her easy communication with beings who supposedly came from another planet. Whether Kalyn's story is true or not, it adds to the rich tapestry of Sasquatch lore and legend that has captured the imagination of so many people for so long. Who knows what mysteries and wonders are still waiting to be revealed in the forests and mountains of our planet?