Group of Bigfoots helped someone heal their sick goat?

Posted Wednesday, March 08, 2023

By staff

Possible Bigfoot Encounter: Do They Possess Healing Powers? Here's a story of how a group of supposed Bigfoot helped someone heal their sick goat. The man, who claimed that he has raised South African Boer goats since 1996, noticed that one of his does was suffering from a Cox Cydia parasite. He tried consulting with veterinarians but was told that the parasite typically leaves scars on the intestinal walls that make the goat unable to live. The man was at a loss and didn't know how to help his ill goat. Then one day, while checking on the goat, he noticed that the entire water tub of the pen was filled with burnt pieces of wood. Upon looking closer, he realized that his goat had been chewing on the burned wood. As it turned out, the man researched and discovered that the charcoal was an essential ingredient in a particular medication for the parasite. The man firmly believes that it was the Bigfoot who left the pieces of burnt wood in the water tub, and that they have been helping him and his animals for years. He even claimed that things like these are common occurrences on his property. The video is a fascinating insight into the supposed Bigfoot's relationship with humans.