New Bigfoot Encounters Reported in Northern Indiana

Posted Monday, March 06, 2023

By staff

Recently, a woman from Northern Indiana shared her family's eerie experiences with what they believe are Bigfoot creatures in and around their home. According to the woman, her daughter and grandchildren have been noticing strange things happening in their suburban home for months. They heard strange noises at night, saw orbs and lights, and found dirty footprints and handprints on their porch and windows. However, the strangest incident happened just a week ago when they were awakened by a loud noise in the hallway. As they were trying to figure out what it was, they heard their granddaughter's personal alarm going off in her room, even though she was nowhere near the hallway. The family reportedly took photographs of strange blurry outlines and shapes inside their home, which they believe could be evidence of invisible or cloaked creatures. However, the most startling encounter occurred when the granddaughter saw an eight-foot-tall Bigfoot creature peering around the corner of the dining room. The creature reportedly had a dark, furry face and made eye contact with the girl before disappearing. The family claims that there are at least two or three juvenile Sasquatches making themselves at home with them, leaving behind black walnut halves in the house. While these claims might sound incredible to some, they are not uncommon in the Bigfoot research community. There have been numerous reports of Bigfoot creatures showing a fascination with human dwellings, including stealing food, leaving gifts, or just simply watching people from a distance. Some researchers speculate that Bigfoot creatures might have an intelligence or curiosity level that is similar to humans, which could explain their elusive behavior.