Michigan Man: Two Sasquatches Followed Me Home

Posted Sunday, March 05, 2023

By Squatchable.com staff

Two Sasquatches spotted in Northern Michigan Scott, a resident of Michigan, has come forward with a spine-chilling story about his encounter with not one, but two Sasquatches. According to Scott, his family owns a cabin in Vanderbilt, a small village in Northern Michigan, surrounded by acres of dense woods. Scott, along with his daughters, went on a four-wheeler ride, exploring the area when they came across something too bizarre to comprehend. Scott narrates how the daylight quickly turned to darkness as soon as they arrived at the dirt road leading to the dense forest. Scott noticed two figures in the distance, which he initially thought were two people on horses. However, to his surprise, the details of the creatures became clearer as they got closer; both creatures stood over 10 feet tall with long hair, partly resembling that of a horse's mane. They didn't move a muscle, and Scott and his daughters couldn't believe their eyes. After returning to the cabin and recounting their experience, the situation took a turn for the worse. All the dogs, belonging to the families on the property, started barking and growling uncontrollably. They were all so scared that they had to be locked inside the cabin. This was when Scott noticed the Sasquatches' glowing yellow eyes, emitting their own light from the woods. The dogs' reaction led Scott to believe that the Sasquatches were still watching them. Many residents of Northern Michigan have reported seeing what they believe to be Sasquatches, and this recent sighting had added to the speculation. The undisputed existence of Sasquatches has been a topic of argument for years, but Scott's credible story has given us significant evidence of their existence in North Michigan. The legend of Bigfoot or Sasquatches remains popular among enthusiasts and continues to attract researchers who are exploring the possibility of their existence. According to Scott, this is no myth; it's the truth.