Unidentified Creature Making Noises on Camera: Is it Bigfoot?

Posted Thursday, March 02, 2023

By Squatchable.com staff

A video recently emerged on YouTube that has sparked a lot of excitement. The video is shaky, grainy, and taken in almost total darkness, but what makes it remarkable is the vocals that were captured. According to the narrator, the camera was set up to run continuously and left in a tree or around trees with its own light source. The light source hit limbs and reflected back into the camera, causing the target area to be darker than it should have been. In the video, an ice chest filled with goodies was placed on a picnic table, and after a couple of hours, a visitor appeared. The visitor can be seen faintly in the dim light, but what makes this footage special is the audio. The creature makes distinct vocalizations, which suggest it may be a Bigfoot. However, it is difficult to make out any other details. One remarkable thing about the footage is that the visitors never opened the lid of the ice chest, and they left it there without ever returning to it. Another noteworthy detail is that when the visitor approached the ice chest, it walked backward into the cone of light, suggesting that it could see the infrared light from the camera. The creature also used a particular word, Enoch, which any student of the Bible would recognize. Although it is unclear what Enoch means in Bigfoot language, the fact that a young lady wrote a book called Enoch 10 years before this footage was recorded, and a thousand miles away, is significant. The video has since been analyzed and amplified to hear some of the fainter words or expressions, but the identity of the creature remains unknown. Some believe it may be a Bigfoot, while others are more skeptical, suggesting it could be a bear or another animal. However, the vocalizations and behavior captured on the video are strange enough to suggest that it may indeed be a Bigfoot. Until more information is available, this video will remain a mystery.