Investigator watched a massive creature moving leaves with its foot

Posted Thursday, March 02, 2023

By staff

Bigfoot sightings have long haunted the imaginations of many, captivating the curious and the adventurous alike. One such individual, Will Jevning, shared his personal experiences with the elusive creature in a recent interview on The Journey Radio Show, hosted by the Cheese Squatchers. His stories offer a compelling perspective on the search. Jevning's fascination with Bigfoot began in 1972, when he and a friend stumbled upon unusual footprints and intestines lying between railroad tracks. They had no idea what had caused them, but the strange scene left a lasting impression on them. Later that night, Jevning's dog alerted him to something in the nearby woods. As Jevning cautiously approached, he saw a massive creature moving the leaves with its foot. He froze in terror, but eventually managed to scare the Bigfoot away with a gunshot in the air. To his surprise, he later encountered a second Bigfoot, which only added to his unease. Despite his initial fear, Jevning's curiosity was piqued, and he became obsessed with finding more answers about Bigfoot. He spent the next few years tracking the elusive creatures and even joined an investigation led by renowned Bigfoot researcher John Green. Jevning's involvement with the Bigfoot community eventually led to him becoming a respected investigator in his own right, sharing his knowledge and experiences with others. His fascination with the creature led him on a journey that few have experienced, and his insights are valuable to anyone interested in the paranormal. As Jevning puts it, "life is an adventure, and this is the journey."