Bigfoot Researcher Discusses Mysterious Entity Captured on Game Trail Camera

Posted Wednesday, March 01, 2023

By staff

I am intrigued by a recent video that has been circulating on YouTube. The video is titled "ANALYSIS WITH BIGFOOT EXPERT SCOTT CARPENTER" and features an interview with Scott Carpenter, a Bigfoot researcher and author. In the video, Carpenter discusses a strange entity that was captured on a game trail camera. According to the closed captioning of the video, the entity in question is referred to as a "Nord." The Nord is described as being out of focus and out of phase, with no eye shine and strange rectangular eyes. The time stamp on the camera was seven o'clock, indicating that it was in infrared mode due to the darkness. Carpenter draws a comparison between the Nord and the Sasquatch, which he believes are Nephilim. He notes that both the Nord and the Sasquatch have the ability to make their eyes illuminate, with the Sasquatch having a second set of lenses like a snake. Carpenter also mentions that the Sasquatch is extremely sensitive to infrared light. The Nord captured on the game trail camera is a mysterious entity that leaves many questions unanswered. It is unclear what the Nord is or where it came from. However, it is clear that the entity is part of the supernatural world that surrounds us, a world that Carpenter believes is full of strange and unexplainable phenomena. For those who are interested in the paranormal and the world of Bigfoot, this video is definitely worth watching. It provides a fascinating glimpse into a world that is full of mystery and wonder, a world that is waiting to be explored and understood. Who knows what other strange and unexplainable phenomena may be waiting to be discovered in the world of the supernatural?