Swamp Devil? East Texas Bigfoot hunters might have seen conical shape in the distance

Posted Tuesday, February 28, 2023

By Squatchable.com staff

Have you ever heard of the Swamp Devil in East Texas? I am thrilled to share with you a recent video that has emerged on YouTube that has caught our attention. The footage in question is filmed in the dense woods of Texas, where two brave individuals set out to explore and investigate a possible Bigfoot sighting. As the video begins, we can see that the cameraman and his companion are already on edge. The atmosphere is tense, and the woods are eerily quiet. It's clear that the two individuals are out of their comfort zone, and things are about to get even more unsettling. As they embark on their journey, the pair hikes deep into the woods, hoping to attract the attention of any nearby Bigfoot with their calls. The mood becomes more and more tense as they walk deeper into the forest, with the cameraman commenting on how "creepy as hell" it is. Soon after, they begin to hear strange noises in the distance. The cameraman and his companion both express their uncertainty and fear, as they try to identify the source of the noises. They quickly realize that it's not an owl or a screech owl, and the cameraman suggests that it could be a Bigfoot. The cameraman's companion then attempts to attract the creature by making calls of his own, and that's when things start to get really strange. Every time the companion makes a call, they hear a low hooting noise that sounds like an owl, but it's not an owl. They also hear what sounds like wood knocks or breaking branches. The cameraman captures what seems to be a conical shape in the distance, but it disappears soon after. They also see something moving behind a tree, and they speculate that it could be a Bigfoot peeking out from behind it. The video ends with the two individuals admitting that they are scared and want to leave the area. The cameraman expresses his doubts about the wisdom of their decision to explore such a dangerous place, but they press on nonetheless. The video raises more questions than it answers.