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Encounter with a Mysterious Creature: A Night Hike in the Nevada Mountains

Posted Tuesday, February 28, 2023

By staff

Missing 411 event? I have come across an intriguing video on YouTube that may pique your interest. The video is about a strange encounter that occurred in the summer of 2016, in the area around Mount Charleston, Nevada. According to the video, the witness, who we shall call Carlos, is an experienced hiker and outdoorsman who decided to go night hiking with his buddy in the mountains just northwest of Las Vegas. Their plan was to explore a slot canyon that was rumored to have strange ghost animal sightings and missing hikers associated with a cult site from the '70s. Carlos and his buddy brought along a few girls who were interested in exploring the area. As they made their way to the entrance of the slot canyon, one of the girls noticed rocks falling from the canyon's rim. Carlos and his group brushed it off and continued on their hike. They stumbled upon a shallow cave with a sleeping bag and a backpack that had been shredded. They searched the area but found nothing that could explain the shredded items. As they continued their hike into the slot canyon, the group heard a loud, shrill scream that sounded like it came from something huge. They then noticed a huge rock that had been thrown into the middle of the trail they were on. The group got a glimpse of something that looked like a person, but it was eight feet tall and had red, glowing eyes. The creature moved beyond the canyon rim, and the group walked out of the canyon in silence, feeling unnerved by what they had experienced. The narrator goes on to say that he has been back to the area and has not seen the shredded sleeping bag or backpack. He wonders if anyone else has seen anything similar and ponders whether the creature they encountered was a Sasquatch or something else entirely. I can't help but find this encounter fascinating. Could this be a sighting of a Sasquatch? It's possible. The area around Mount Charleston has had a few reports of Bigfoot sightings, and this encounter fits the typical Sasquatch behavior of throwing rocks and making loud, shrill screams. However, it's also possible that the creature they encountered was something else entirely, like a humanoid creature or an unknown species. It's hard to say for sure what happened that night, but one thing is certain, Carlos and his group had a terrifying encounter that left them feeling vulnerable and afraid. For those of you who are planning on hiking in the area around Mount Charleston, be sure to take precautions and be aware of your surroundings. Who knows what mysteries and unknown creatures may be lurking in the wilderness? Until next time, stay curious, fellow Bigfoot enthusiasts!