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Encounter with a Mysterious Creature in Pennsylvania: A Possible Sasquatch Sighting in 1985

Posted Tuesday, February 28, 2023

By staff

Greetings, fellow Bigfoot enthusiasts! I bring you a report on a fascinating video that recently surfaced on YouTube, which showcases the encounter of two young men from Pennsylvania with a mysterious creature in 1985. According to the video, the two boys, named Dylan and Greg, loved spending time in the outdoors, hiking through remote places, and observing wildlife. On a particular day in June of 1985, they went down a steep hollow along the Monongahela River, where they encountered something they never expected to find. As they were hiking through the dense brush and quiet surroundings, they stumbled upon a brown humped shape covered in hair, which they could not identify. They assumed it to be a sleeping or injured bear but became increasingly frightened when it stood up on two feet, revealing long sloping shoulders and long arms hanging down. The creature was approximately two feet taller than them and was clearly not a bear. The boys froze in fear as the creature stared at them from a distance. The creature then took off running through the brush in a zigzag pattern, creating loud crashing sounds as it went. The boys ran the opposite way, feeling the brush hitting their faces as they made their escape. The boys later returned to the site with some friends and discovered matted down grass where the creature had been lying and a pile of leaves placed there. They saw some impressions that they thought might be footprints along the stream, but they couldn't be sure due to the stream washing much of it away. While the boys never officially reported the incident to anyone other than their friends, Dylan believes they saw a Sasquatch that day. He has kept the experience to himself for years, not wanting to risk being ridiculed by others. The video itself provides some compelling evidence for the existence of Sasquatch or Bigfoot. The encounter with the creature was described in vivid detail by Dylan, who has no reason to lie about his experience. The video also shows the remote location where the encounter occurred, highlighting the possibility that Sasquatch might still exist in isolated regions of North America. I highly recommend this video. Keep your eyes open and your mind curious!