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Daniel Boone's Encounter with the Yahoo

Posted Tuesday, February 28, 2023

By staff

A recent video on YouTube has rekindled the interest of researchers in the mysterious creature known as the wood booger, Sasquatch, or Bigfoot. The video, posted by a self-proclaimed Bigfoot hunter, shows his journey to Norton, Virginia, to investigate the stories and sightings of the wood booger in the area. However, what caught our attention was a historical reference made by the hunter about Daniel Boone, a famous American pioneer and explorer who lived in the nearby town of Castlewood from 1773 to 1775. According to the hunter, Daniel Boone had his own encounter with a giant humanoid creature that he called a Yahoo, which was ten feet tall and lived in Kentucky. The term Yahoo is not a common one in the Bigfoot lore, but it might be an old-fashioned way of describing a hairy, bipedal creature that resembles a Bigfoot. The hunter explains that the Yahoo is just another name for the wood booger, Sasquatch, buckwas, or wild man, which are all humanoid beings that have been reported in different parts of the world. The hunter visits several locations in the Norton area, including the wood booger grill, the high knob recreation area, Flag Rock, and Saltville, where there have been numerous sightings of Bigfoot over the years. He also shares some stories of encounters with Bigfoot, such as the one told by a couple who heard heavy footsteps and saw an eight-foot creature on their camping trip. The hunter then decides to explore the high knob area at dusk and walks along a remote dirt road hoping to capture some evidence of Bigfoot on film. He hears some strange noises, heavy footsteps, and knocking sounds, but he doesn't see anything definitive. He also notices a tree structure that resembles a giant X, but he can't tell whether it's natural or man-made. The hunter concludes his video by saying that he is on a quest to capture Bigfoot on film and that he has had a previous encounter with Bigfoot in Willow Creek, California, which he captured on video. He encourages other Bigfoot enthusiasts to pursue their passion and explore the wilderness with an open mind and a keen eye for clues. The story of Daniel Boone's encounter with the Yahoo adds another layer of intrigue and mystery to the Bigfoot phenomenon. Was Daniel Boone's account a factual report of a real encounter, or was it a legend that grew over time? Could the Yahoo be a variation or a cousin of the Bigfoot, or is it a separate creature altogether? Whatever the case may be, the search for Bigfoot continues, and the Norton area seems to be a promising place to look for clues.