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Mexican president claims he has photographic proof of woodland elf

Posted Monday, February 27, 2023

By staff

As researchers, we always keep our eyes peeled for sightings of mythical creatures. The latest news to grab our attention is the post by Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, which has gone viral after he claimed to have captured a photo of an "aluxe." According to traditional Mayan folklore, "aluxes" are small, mischievous creatures that reside in forests and fields and enjoy playing tricks on people, such as hiding things. The creatures are considered to be benevolent and are even worshipped by some.

In his Twitter post, President Obrador shared two photos. One showed a pre-Hispanic sculpture in Ek Balam, a Yucatec-Maya archaeological site, while the other displayed a nighttime shot of what appears to be a creature in a tree with glowing eyes. The photo of the alleged aluxe was taken last week by an engineer at the construction site of a new train railway in the Yucatán Peninsula, according to Obrador. The post has drawn a great deal of attention, with the president amassing nearly 5 million views as of Sunday. Some Twitter users have mocked the president's claim, while others expressed amazement and wonder at the creature's supposed existence. The photograph has also led to intense speculation that the creature in the tree may be nothing more than an animal. Nevertheless, we at the Bigfoot enthusiasts, witnesses, and researchers' website remain open to the possibility that the photograph may indeed depict an aluxe, and we hope that further investigation will be conducted to verify its authenticity. Until then, we will continue to monitor any updates or developments on the matter.