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The Footprints Just Disappeared: Couple Find Mysterious Footprints in the Bridgewater Triangle

Posted Sunday, February 26, 2023

By staff

Welcome back, fellow Bigfoot witnesses, and researchers. Today, we are going to analyze a video that was sent to Sasquatch Theory, a YouTube channel that explores the possibility of Sasquatch and other cryptid creatures. The video was recorded by Chase, a Massachusetts resident who lives near the Freetown Fall River State Forest, a place that is part of the Bridgewater Triangle, an area known for paranormal activity, cryptid sightings, and strange phenomena. According to Chase's email, he and his girlfriend were walking down a trail to retrieve a trail camera when they saw a footprint that looked like it belonged to a very large man. The print was very wide, the widest foot Chase had ever seen, and it appeared to be fresh despite the cold weather. Chase filmed the footprint and noticed that it resembled a barefoot print of a hominid creature, not a human. He wondered how someone could walk around the woods barefooted during the winter and simply vanish in the middle of the path. He also mentioned that he had set up trail cameras to capture wildlife, but part of him hoped to capture something unexplainable. The video that Chase sent to Sasquatch Theory shows the footprint that he found, as well as other prints that seemed to be made by the same creature. The video also includes a discussion between Chase and his girlfriend about the prints and how they could have been made. The couple's conversation is not always clear due to background noise, but they seem excited and intrigued by the find. The host of Sasquatch Theory comments on the footage and praises Chase for his discovery. He says that the tracks were very defined and certainly made by a hominid creature, not a human. He also notes that it is strange how the tracks just started out of nowhere and disappeared, which could suggest that the creature that made them is invisible or using portals. He then speculates about the possibility of other dimensions and cites Albert Einstein as a scientist who theorized and talked about such matters. The host encourages other people who find interesting tracks to contact him or use plaster of Paris to make a cast. He also recommends going to the Bridgewater Triangle during the summertime and setting up camp to have some activity and strange things happen, but he warns people to be careful and keep their eyes open. This video is a fascinating example of how amateur researchers can contribute to the search for cryptids and paranormal phenomena. The footprint that Chase found is compelling evidence that something unusual is going on in the Bridgewater Triangle, and it raises questions about what kind of creature could have made such a print. While skeptics may dismiss the possibility of Sasquatch or other cryptids, this video shows that there are people who are open-minded and curious enough to investigate the unknown. Who knows what other discoveries await us in the future? Stay tuned and keep exploring.