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The Sandy and Toddcast: Exploring the Latest Evidence on Bigfoot Sightings

Posted Friday, February 24, 2023

By staff

In this podcast episode being shared, Sandy and Todd discuss the latest evidence about Bigfoot sightings, including eyewitness accounts, footprints, hair or fur, recordings, pictures, and videos. According to Live Science, there have been over ten thousand reported Bigfoot sightings in the continental United States, with about one-third of all claims of Bigfoot sightings located in the Pacific Northwest, including California, Oregon, and Washington. Other prominent areas of supposed sightings include the rural areas of the Great Lakes region and the southeastern United States. Most reports are considered mistakes or hoaxes, even by those researchers who claim that Bigfoot exists. However, there are some accounts that cannot be explained away, and that has led many people to believe that Bigfoot is real. Sandy and Todd discuss the possibility that Bigfoot could be an inter-dimensional being, a shape-shifter, or some other unknown creature that our human minds cannot comprehend. They also discuss the idea that our equipment may not be up to par to capture clear evidence of Bigfoot, and that our interaction with Bigfoot may be the grainy thing, not the footage itself. Overall, the Sandy and Toddcast provides a fascinating look into the world of Bigfoot research, and the evidence that is being gathered to support the existence of this elusive creature.