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Paranormal Investigator Explores the Existence of Bigfoot

Posted Friday, February 24, 2023

By staff

The existence of Bigfoot has been a topic of debate among scientists and skeptics for decades. However, the Bigfoot witnesses and researchers have always believed in the existence of this ape-like creature. The video uploaded on YouTube, titled "Bigfoot - The Psychic Sasquatch," presents several cryptozoologists who maintain that physical evidence of Bigfoot has been found every month in various areas across the country. Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch, is usually described as a large hairy bipedal humanoid, standing between 6 and 10 feet tall and weighing in excess of 500 pounds. While scientists believe that Bigfoot is nothing but folklore, misidentification, and a hoax, Bigfoot researchers claim that there is a mountain of physical evidence that points towards the existence of Bigfoot. The video presents several interviews with witnesses who claim to have seen Bigfoot, and their descriptions are consistent with each other. They describe the creature as having two arms, two legs, a head, and a body, with no neck. It is said to be big, weighing over 500 pounds and standing at least nine feet tall. Witnesses describe the creature as being telepathic and psychic in its abilities, making it difficult to capture or even find. The video also explores the history of Bigfoot and how it first came into North American consciousness. There are several legends regarding Sasquatch from the Native American tribes, and one story from 1888 in Humboldt County, California, where a rancher was taken by Indians to a hut and shown what was called a "crazy bear." They claim that the creature was dropped from the moon that descended. Some researchers even believe that Bigfoot could be alien entities, part of the extraterrestrial life that is yet to be discovered. The video mentions the famous Patterson Bigfoot film, which has been scrutinized since it was filmed in 1967. While some claim that it is a clever hoax, others maintain that it is definite proof of the existence of Bigfoot. One cryptozoologist presented in the video analyzes the film and notes that it has several muscle groups that a costume simply would not have. The film also suggests that the creature is female, and it has large pendulous breasts, which are difficult to fake. Despite the several hoaxes surrounding Bigfoot, the video presents a lot of evidence that suggests its existence. While the skeptics believe that we have never found the body of Sasquatch, witnesses claim that their psychic and intuitive abilities make it difficult for them to be found or even trapped. The presents several pieces of evidence that point towards the existence of Bigfoot.