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Researchers reported seeing a figure running past their cars and hiding from their lights

Posted Friday, February 24, 2023

By staff

Welcome to your source for information and insights on the search for hidden creatures that defy conventional knowledge. Today, we want to bring your attention to a video on YouTube that features Blake Deutscher, a seasoned Bigfoot hunter with over 20 experiences in Michigan, including some encounters that he describes as hostile. In the video, which was captured during an interview, Blake shares some of his personal history with the subject of Bigfoot and other cryptids, tracing his passion back to childhood TV shows and books, and his first encounter at the age of 13. He also talks about his approach to field investigations, which involves going to different regions of Michigan and listening for Class B sounds, such as vocalizations and tree knocks, that suggest the presence of Sasquatch. However, the most intriguing part of the video is when Blake recounts a recent expedition in the Waterloo area with a group of researchers and independent observers. According to his testimony, the expedition coincided with a severe thunderstorm and tornado that created unusual conditions in the woods. Some of the participants reported seeing a figure running past their cars and hiding from their lights, while others heard drumming sounds and saw eye shine in the distance. The next day, the group found tracks and signs of Sasquatch activity around their camp, including a tree that had been pushed over and audio of a crash captured on Blake's recording device. What makes this episode stand out, according to Blake, is the fact that several witnesses experienced similar phenomena in different locations and at different times, suggesting that there were multiple Sasquatches roaming the area and exhibiting coordinated behavior. Furthermore, the encounter took place in a relatively populated and cultivated area, which challenges the idea that Bigfoot only inhabits remote wilderness areas. As Blake puts it, "they seem pretty disciplined in how they interact with us as a whole species and stuff which would indicate that they're probably more humanoid and with human instincts and emotions." However, Blake is quick to caution that not all encounters with Bigfoot are peaceful or benign. He mentions two cases that illustrate the range of behavior that Sasquatch can exhibit. The first involves a person who cut through a cornfield at night and stumbled upon a group of Bigfoot hunters, only to be confronted by a large male with glowing red eyes that made him feel insignificant and vulnerable. The second case involves a group of partygoers who heard a baby crying in the woods and went missing, only to be found torn apart and thrown into a tree by Sasquatches. The latter case was covered up by the authorities and only became known after a sheriff deputy revealed it to his family years later. These stories underscore the complexity and mystery of the Bigfoot phenomenon, and the need for careful and respectful research that aims to understand and protect these elusive creatures. As Blake notes, "they've never been found and the way they act and the tactics they use and how they operate and kind of these set rules and regulations that they all seem to follow when interacting with humans across the board... would indicate that they are definitely a humanoid hominid." So, what do you think about Blake's testimony and the video? Do you have any similar experiences or insights to share? Let us know in the comments section and stay tuned for more updates. Happy hunting!