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The Mysterious British Bigfoot: Exploring Reports of Wild Men and Paranormal Activity

Posted Thursday, February 23, 2023

By staff

I have come across a fascinating talk that explores the mysterious phenomenon of Bigfoot in Britain. While most people think of Bigfoot as being exclusively an American phenomenon, this video suggests that reports of Bigfoot-like creatures have been documented in Britain for centuries. According to Nick Redfern, the speaker in the video, who grew up in an area of England called Staffordshire, there are many reports of Bigfoot-type creatures and so-called "wild men of the woods" in this region. While the reports may sound too unbelievable to some, Redfern claims to have investigated these stories and has found them to be a country-wide phenomenon, spanning from the top of Scotland to Ireland. What sets the British reports of Bigfoot apart from their American counterparts is the fact that they often take place in areas with paranormal overtones. These sightings frequently occur around ancient stone circles, archaeological sites, burial mounds, and historical locations. This suggests that the British Bigfoot may have some sort of paranormal aspect to it, rather than simply being a flesh-and-blood creature. One famous sighting of the British Bigfoot is known as the "man monkey." Redfern suggests that this creature may be more human-like or feral-like than the classic American Bigfoot. There are even reports of wild men going back 900 to 1,000 years in Britain, which may suggest the existence of isolated pockets of ancient humanoids surviving in the wild. One interesting point made in the video is how these Bigfoot and wild man reports have become ingrained into British culture. There are many pubs around Britain named after wild men, which demonstrates how seriously these stories have been taken by the local population over the centuries. Even today, the term "wild man" is still a catch-all term for any Bigfoot-like creature in Britain. Overall, this video is a fascinating look into the mysterious world of Bigfoot in Britain. While skeptics may dismiss the reports as mere folklore, the speaker in the video presents compelling evidence that there may be more to these stories than meets the eye. For anyone interested in the paranormal, this video is a must-watch.