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"Bigfoot" book by Al Berry and B. Ann Slate selling for $200 on

Posted Friday, January 06, 2023

"Bigfoot" by B. Ann Slate and Al Berry is a classic and highly sought-after book that has captivated readers for decades. Originally published in 1976 by Bantam Books, this book has remained popular and sought-after by collectors, with used copies currently selling for as much as $199.99 on, and even higher on other websites such as, where a copy is being offered for $881.54.


(Link: Al Berry, one of the authors of "Bigfoot," was a former officer in Vietnam and a researcher who was interested in the phenomenon of Bigfoot. He held a Master of Science degree and was responsible for fostering the original study of Bigfoot recordings at the University of Wyoming. In 1971, he was the investigative reporter who was allowed to trek into the Sierra camp, where he had a series of strange encounters with Bigfoot-like creatures. Although he initially thought it might be a hoax, he ultimately could not find any evidence to support this theory. The book "Bigfoot," co-authored by Ann Slate, is based on Berry's experiences and findings. It includes accounts of unusual Bigfoot sightings, particularly on the west coast of the United States, but also includes a chapter on significant sightings that occurred in Pennsylvania in 1973. The book presents a more open-minded and unconventional perspective on the Bigfoot phenomenon, exploring the possibility of a connection between Bigfoot and the UFO and paranormal phenomena. Many readers have been drawn to "Bigfoot" for its unique and thought-provoking approach to the topic. One reviewer described the book as "a very fun and informative look into one of the wackiest segments of the American subconscious," while another praised its exploration of the "UFO and maybe paranormal/physic connection" to Bigfoot. Another reviewer encouraged readers to "stretch their minds" and consider the possibility that Bigfoot may be more than just a flesh-and-blood terrestrial creature. Despite its age, "Bigfoot" remains a highly sought-after book, with used copies currently selling for as much as $199.99 on and even higher prices on other websites. Its enduring popularity is a testament to the enduring fascination with the mysterious and elusive Bigfoot creature. The rarity and high demand for this book has made it a valuable collector's item, with some copies selling for hundreds of dollars. For fans of Bigfoot and the paranormal, "Bigfoot" is a must-read that offers a unique and thought-provoking perspective on this enduring mystery.