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Plum Island Horror: Eyewitness Account of Mysterious Creature Crossing Road

Posted Tuesday, December 27, 2022

On a clear and sunny day in 1978, a group of friends set out on a drive to the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge on Plum Island, Massachusetts. But what they encountered in this remote and desolate location would leave them terrified and questioning what they saw. It was a clear and sunny April day in 1978 when a group of four friends decided to take a drive out to the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge on Plum Island, Massachusetts. As they traveled down the winding dirt road, they were struck by the eerie quiet that seemed to hang over the place. They didn't see a single car or person the entire 6.3-mile journey. When they finally arrived at the end of the road, they pulled into the last small parking area and decided to take a walk along the narrow boardwalk that led to a 50-foot observation tower. As they climbed to the top, the witness and their companion, Eddy, couldn't shake the feeling that they were being watched. But it wasn't until they heard the strange noises - loud clicking and short, high-pitched screams - that the fear really set in. The sounds seemed to be coming from just a few yards away, but when the witness looked around, they saw nothing. There was no one in the area and no birds or waterfowl to be seen. Despite their growing unease, they stayed on the tower for about half an hour before the witness finally decided they had had enough. They called to the others and began their descent. As they walked back to their car, the witness couldn't shake the feeling that they were being followed. And when they finally reached the car, they were startled by a movement in the brush on the left side of the road. The witness and Eddy watched in horror as a massive, dark figure emerged from the marsh and strode across the road. It was at least seven feet tall and covered in black fur from head to toe. Its arms were longer than average and swung wildly as it walked. It took just three strides to cross the road, and then it was gone, disappearing into the heavy brush on the other side. The witness and Eddy stared at each other in shock, both of them knowing that they had just witnessed something truly terrifying. They quickly got into the car and started back out of the refuge, their hearts racing and their minds racing with questions. What was that thing they had just seen? Where had it come from, and where was it going? The witness knew they would never forget the image of the creature crossing the road, its smooth stride and unseeing gaze burned into their memory forever. As they drove back towards civilization, the witness couldn't shake the feeling that they were being followed. And when they returned to the refuge years later with their children, they were confronted by a new horror - a swarm of man-eating green-headed flies that seemed to follow them wherever they went. The witness knew they would never be able to forget the terror of that day on Plum Island. And as the years passed, they couldn't help but wonder if the creature they had seen was still out there, watching and waiting for its next victim.