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Hunters find strange humanoid footprints on the lakeshore in the Cascades

Posted Saturday, December 24, 2022

A group of hunters were out in the freezing cold at a lake in the Cascades in late November, when they stumbled upon something they couldn't explain. One of the hunters, Tom came across a set of strange humanoid footprints in the mud on the lakeshore. The weather at the time was rough, with both rain and snow falling. Tom immediately radioed the 11 other hunters nearby and they all rushed over to see for themselves. Upon inspection, they all agreed that the prints were not human. They had never been believers in Bigfoot, but as they examined the tracks, a feeling of unease washed over them. The hunters decided to leave the area, not wanting to stick around any longer. The prints were now buried under the snow and it was impossible to get a good look at them. This location had a history of similar tracks being found at the same time of year, but the hunters had never experienced anything like this before. They hadn't even thought to bring something for scale reference, they were just trying to get out of there as quickly as possible. They had no desire for fame or notoriety, they just wanted to get away from whatever had left those unsettling prints behind.