Bigfoot sighting in Williamsburg, Virginia that will leave you questioning what's out there in the dark woods

Posted Tuesday, December 06, 2022

By staff

Have you ever seen something that defies explanation? Something so huge and strange that it could only be described as an enormous, shadowy figure? On the evening of October 22, 2020, a group of four people were driving on E Rochambeau Drive near Williamsburg, Virginia. The driver was a real estate developer who had previously worked for National Geographic. As they rounded a corner, the driver's son commented on her speed and she pointed out a 55 mph speed limit sign. Suddenly, the driver caught sight of a small glitter in the corner of her eye, which drew her attention to movement on the side of the road. As the figure came into view, the driver immediately realized it was an upright, bi-pedal figure. It walked quickly from right to left, its movements smooth and human-like, but its size was anything but human. The arms and upper thighs were so big that the outline of muscles was visible even in the dark. The figure was blacker than black, almost looking like an enormous shadow, but solid. The car's lights revealed only blackness, no clothing or features. The encounter happened so quickly that the driver didn't have time to alert her family to the figure. As soon as it stepped off the road and into the woods, she immediately said, "What was that?!" Her children were completely freaked out by the encounter, but the driver was determined to understand what she had seen. She returned to the area twice to try to determine the distance, height, and possible origin of the figure. The road was dark, but the figure was so black that its shape and walking motion were easily visible. There was a brief glimmer of light that drew the driver's attention to the figure, and she could make out its enormous size. It did not turn to look at the car as it passed. There were no other cars or people on the road, and the only house in the area had its front porch light on. The driver is convinced that the figure she saw could not have been human, given its massive size and the lack of any details visible in the darkness. She is still searching for answers and trying to understand why the figure would have been in the area. The surrounding environment is forested with few houses and includes government land and no trespassing areas. The nearby Fenton Mill and Waller Mill Park Reservoir are both wild and secluded. Camp Perry is within walking distance of the encounter location.