10 Interesting Facts About Giants

The Paranormal Network shares: EPISODE SYNOPSIS: On today's episode of Infinite Rabbit Hole, we will be doing a baseline episode for the upcoming series about giants. Nearly every culture that has ever existed had legends, mythologies and origin stories involving monstrous sized people, to one degree or another. Join us today as we brush over some of these regional stories, news clippings, archeological digs and evidence for the existence of these behemoths. Welcome to Giants, Scratching the Surface, and welcome back to Infinite Rabbit Hole and the Paranormal Network! SERIES SYNOPSIS: Welcome to the Infinite Rabbit Hole! The podcast that always takes it one step further and has a habit of making you think twice about reality. One path may travel to the deepest forests of the Pacific Northwest to track down everyone's favorite upright walking monster, and the next path might lead us to the bottom of the ocean to discover the source of the Bloop, or maybe we get abducted and brought to Zeta Reticuli (that's if you believe that space is real of course). Jake, Jeff, Kenzar, and Jeremy provide their unique point of views through the world that parallels our own as they act as your guides through the Infinite Rabbit Hole! Jeremy Socha: Cryptid Enthusiast, Folklore Archeologist, and all around interested in the Strange. Jeremy is just beginning his introduction as a powerhouse in the world of the Unknown. Get ready, cause he's only started this journey but once he gets going, he's going to blow your mind! Jacob Owens: Jake spends his time enjoying nature and would rather hike a trail, fish or ride his motorcycle than spend the day inside anytime. He believes in the truths found in the Bible and views the world through the lenses of Christianity and the love of Jesus. Jeff Fernandez: Conspiracy minded truth seeker. Jeff believes nothing and everything all at once. He questions everything including his own theories and has plenty of them to go around. Put on your tin foil hat and strap into your DeLorean because this ride is going to be wild! Kenzar Benson: Kenzar would much rather spend her time outdoors looking for a ghost town or cryptid, but it gets cold in the Great White North, so that's not always an option. Willing to dive deep into any topic, Kenzar loves a little bit of everything, and is always asking questions. Nothing can stop her from trying to find the answers, except maybe owls.


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Posted Friday, August 05, 2022