Bigfoot Origins Revealed: Dowsing Uncovers Extraterrestrial Link

Posted Wednesday, July 10, 2024

By staff

In a fascinating video recently discovered on YouTube, a dowsing expert and self-proclaimed channeler shares some intriguing information about the origin and abilities of Sasquatch. The video, posted by the YouTube channel Nova Gaians, delves into the mysterious history of these elusive creatures. According to the channeler, Sasquatch originally hails from the planet Malc, which exploded long ago and is now the asteroid belt. As their home planet faced destruction, the Sasquatch race fled to other planets, including Mars and Earth. This information aligns with what a psychic shared, stating that Sasquatch were created by advanced humanoid extraterrestrials who mixed their DNA with that of a prehistoric giant sloth. The psychic also mentioned that there are four subspecies of Sasquatch, varying in the amount of hair and human-like or animal-like appearances. These beings are believed to be benevolent, possessing telepathic abilities and a spoken language. Interestingly, they can change their form, travel between dimensions, and blend in with their surroundings, making them virtually undetectable. The dowsing expert in the video confirms these claims using a unique yes-and-no response tool. Through this method, the expert reveals that Sasquatch creatures are indeed extraterrestrial, benevolent, telepathic, and able to shape-shift. They also communicate through a spoken language and reside in both the Earth's crust and its interior. One particularly captivating piece of information shared in the video is that Admiral Richard E. Byrd allegedly flew into Hollow Earth, a concept that has sparked much debate and speculation among Bigfoot enthusiasts. While some skepticism is natural, the detailed information presented in this video is thought-provoking and warrants further exploration. For those interested in learning more about Sasquatch and their extraordinary abilities, this video is a must-watch.